Building a New Construction Home? Max Out Your Custom Home Plan Before You Start

Max Out Your Custom Home Plan

So, you’ve had dozen or so meetings with the builder and architect. You finally think your plan is done. You think you have addressed every issue. You are ready to sign the contract and start building. Right?

Wrong. This is the prefect time to step back and start looking at the small details that will make your home special. Up to this point, you have been bombarded with a hundreds of decisions to make. Most about the bigger points of the home such as the exterior style, the size of rooms and always trying to balance your wants with your budget.

Here are a few ideas to consider, once the plan is done but before you start construction.
1. Look at areas where you may increase volume space. Such things as
a. Tucking in an intimate reading nook.
b. Putting a built in shelf / niche area at the end of a hall way
c. Carving out a functional loft area under the existing roof area
d. Are there any small roof spaces you can access with a door for storage.
2. Closets and laundry room are other places often over looked in the planning stage
a. Got a 9′ or 10′ ceiling in your closet? Take advantage of the space by adding additional shelving above that for extra storage.
b. How about adding a built in ironing board that folds up into the wall when not in use.?
c. Got a floor drain in the second floor laundry room in case your washer blows up?
3. Look for spaces that may be missing a light or need more light. Such as:
a. Showers without lights
b. Storage areas with little to no light
c. Long hallways with little natural lighting

In summary, this is the prefect time to take one day to put those small details in place. Remember, greatness in is the details. Good luck with your home and I hope this helps you. If you have any other question or comments, feel free to leave them here or email me at [email protected]

By Rick Merlini
Live Well Custom Homes

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