Energy Efficient Lighting Tips for Inside and Outside a Home

If you have an average sized home, you likely use about 6{935df326bf8786fd6731f48a04668d2c59cbc638da1dd11cbd372b56fcc68833} of your energy bill on your lighting system. If you switch over to more efficient lighting that uses less energy, you will see a significant cut in your energy bill prices. Using things like timers and even motion sensors can reduce your bill even more by keeping the lights off when they are not in use.

There are two places you use lights around your home: inside and outside. You likely use more lights inside so start by taking a survey of the types of lights you have in your home. You have many different options when it comes to light bulbs. The most popular bulbs come as fluorescent, LED and even incandescent. The most expensive bulb upfront is the incandescent bulb, but you will save more over its lifetime than any other bulb because it uses less energy. Energy saving bulbs are usually also called incandescent bulbs and they are up to one fourth more energy efficient. They also last over three times longer than regular bulbs. This makes them the most efficient lighting resource. Not only are they efficient, but they also come in a wide range of colors and shapes and they can even be attached to dimmers in order to save even more energy and money. Even if you just place 15 of your normal bulbs with energy saving bulbs, you could see a savings of $50 per year. Buy a batch of energy saving bulbs and as your current bulbs go out, replace them with more efficient lighting tools. Another idea to save money is to keep your curtains open during the day so you can use as much natural light as possible. Put up see through curtains for privacy that will allow light into the room and try to decorate in light colors.

Outdoor lights may not be used to read or see on a normal basis, but they are usually left on for quite a long time. Using LED light bulbs can save you a lot of energy and, therefore, a lot of money on your energy bill. You can get LED lights in spirals, flood lights, and many other types. Some of the versions have been tested and they easily withstand snow and rain. Check each bulb type and see whether it works well in an enclosed fixture or if it can be out in the open. There are also energy efficient fixtures that are designed for outdoor use. They have features like daylight shut off sensors or motion sensors. This can help you use less energy without having to remember to turn the lights on or off each day.

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