Home Decorating Series: Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

Your living room is the first room you see, when you walk into your home. It’s the first room your guests see, when they come over. That is why the front room is a very important room – and you need to pay lots of attention to decorating it properly, to make it look appealing and comfortable.

A front room is not just a place where you entertain your guests – it’s the place where you would sometimes sit alone, relax, and think over things. So you should special attention to the color scheme, the scale, the patterns and shapes of the living room. Here are some suggestions and tips for decorating it.

One important thing you need to pay attention to is the arrangement of furniture – ideally, you need to fix upon a focal point, and arrange the furniture around that. For instance, you can make the focal point the TV, and then arrange your chairs, sofas, and coffee table around it. Also, the furniture should be arranged in such a way that you can easily move about without tripping over anything.

If your living room is a very big one, it might be a good idea to separate it into slots – for different purposes. One area can be devoted to dining (where you can place the dining table and chairs), one area can be for just reading, and another area can be for watching TV.

The idea is to be as creative as possible and let your ideas form in your head. However, if your living room is small, then it is suitable to have a multi-functional arrangement.

Do brighten up your living room with colorful lamps, with a coffee table (where you can place some magazines and books), and maybe even a shelf where you can put some photo frames.

So don’t stress over the living room, just be imaginative and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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