How To Determine The Right Type Of Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Many homes have attractive curb appeal during the day, including nicely manicured lawns, lush flower gardens and beautiful landscaping. Then, the sun goes down and all is dark, all of the nice features are lost in the shadows of street lights and cars driving by. The piece that is missing here, to keep the curb appeal and add security to the home all night long, is outdoor lighting.

Installing outdoor lighting to a home is a relatively easy and affordable project that can have a huge impact on the exterior of a home at night. The effort it takes to install these lights is well worth it, as the final result is a safer, well-lit home. This comes to the two main reasons why homeowners choose to install outdoor lighting, for aesthetic purposes, security or a combination of both.

There are a number of ways to make a home safer at night. First, take a walk around the outside of your home at night. Turn on any existing outside lights first, so you can see what areas may need lighting. Make a note of all the areas that could use lighting, for security lighting think about areas that would be intruders could use as a way to enter the home. Also, look for areas that could be a hazard at night for yourself or family members. Think about all areas in the yard, a shed, stairs, a walkway, the pool area, or other dark areas. After you have found the areas that need outdoor lighting, the search is on to find the correct type of lighting for a particular area.

Motion sensor lights work well on a garage or the shed in the backyard. The lights will only come on when an object comes in range, which can scare off a person or animal that is lurking around. Another benefit, if installed near the driveway, when you arrive home at night the lights will come on automatically, making it easier to see as you get out of the car. Motion sensor lights can also be solar-powered, no wires to deal with, just make sure the area does get adequate sunlight during the day, it will store the energy until needed at night. The only set up is to mount the fixture in the desired location, check the instruction guide to set up the range of detection and then check back after sunset to see if it is working properly.

If you want to light a large area, say the backyard for when you let the dogs out at night, spotlights or area lights are a good choice. Spotlights can be used anywhere you need a large amount of light, are typically installed on a high point of a house or garage so the light can expand over the area. Small spotlights can be used closer to the ground to point light up, at the exterior walls of the home, a group of shrubs or a tree.

Next, outdoor landscape lighting is about highlighting the best features in the yard. Its main purpose isn’t really for security, however, it can help. So, the same steps can be done as with security lighting to determine your outdoor lighting needs. This time think about visual appeal, step back from the home and think about what you would like to see which areas would be best to accent. In the front yard, it may be the pathway from the driveway to the front door, the landscaping around the edge of the home, a water feature or tree. Or, in the backyard look at areas like, the patio or deck, gardens or around the pool.

Some of the choices for landscape lighting are pathway or walkway lights, which are typically low voltage lights or solar-powered, so set up is a breeze. These lights are a great way to start, an easy and affordable way to add outdoor lighting, without breaking the bank. These lights can make a big difference, and are available in many styles and colors that can fit with your individual preferences.

If you find that the patio or deck is on your list for outdoor lighting then you are not alone. A popular trend right now is turning a deck or patio into an outdoor living space. So many of us spend most of the day inside at work, so having a nice outside space, to get some fresh air and to spend the evening has been the option of choice. It doesn’t have to take a lot of lighting to change the look and feel of you outdoor space, whether it be for security or aesthetics, it just has to be the right lighting.

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