Staging “FUN” In Functional

Home Staging Pros put the “FUN” in functional design by adding whimsy and color playing ever so gently with the eye, eliciting emotions, and smiles with every glance. Warm natural light washes over color, texture and style creating a symphony of emotion for the eye, sometimes even reaching deeper to nourishing the soul and feeling like home. Sometimes even a happy tear is shed by a prospective buyer touring a home as the heart stings are tugged and they come to realize “this is the one” as the buyer falls in love with their new home.

Home staging provides yearning in buyers to linger and relax, study the design and envision life here in this very spot. Inviting the buyer to drink in the visual excitement, tantalized by the visual adventure and style the home has to offer. A staged home also welcomes all buyers to unwind, surrounded by inviting comfort, with seating areas beaconing as captivating art inspires the creativity, all in all a concert of function, design and style through art, texture and lighting. Please, Welcome, Stay, Reward Yourself. You deserve it after all. This is Home Staging! This is a house well on its way to sold!

Now wasn’t that fun? Adding function to design is where fun meets decorating or where the rubber meets the road. The goal of home staging professionals is to have fun with the space while creating an atmosphere that has the desired impact on the general public and most importantly a lasting impression on buyers touring a staged home. Creativity, a fun attitude combined with visual impact, that’s home staging.

When a professional home stager is engaged to transform a space they will bring all of the elements discussed above into play. With a strategic plan involving the addition and placement of furniture, art, accessories and lighting the home stager will go to work creating an irresistible revelation. Home staging design professionals will create an artful masterpiece combining light, texture, form, function, balance, flow and cohesion.

Once underway every staged home will begin to reveal its very own natural charm warmth and elegance. Home staging strives to coaxes a home to open up, tell its own story, free up open space, breath fresh air and except its new personality. Shedding the last owner personality and style is the goal, leaving only the home’s personality speaking loud and clear. The last thing a home stager wants to do is tell the story of the home owner or previous dwellers.

Homes can come to life through Stylish enhancements but it’s the professional home stagers and decorators that breathe the life into a home not to mention in terms of real estate sales and marketing it is the professional home stagers that will turn up the lights, fluff up the pillows and set the stage for the sale of a home in this economic environment or any market.

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