Upgrade Your Custom Shower: Accessible Seating, Replace or Add Spray Heads, Beautiful Tile and Doors

Most homes these days come equipped with a shower stall. We love them because they’re easier to clean than a tub and take up less room, leaving more of the room for other things. But what if you’re not happy with the standard shower components? Fear not! These are easy changes to make!

Seated Showers

Many people find themselves in need of a shower that’s easier to use. Many manufacturers now make showers designed for seated use. These seated showers come with the seat molded right into the wall of the shower, so there is no chance of leaks, and no chance of a shower stool slipping on the floor. This type of shower is designed with accessibility in mind, with a low step-up and lots of gripping surface to minimize the risk of falls.

The old shower walls will need to be removed, and of course the space will need to be carefully measured to make sure the new shower will fit in the space. No plumbing replacement is strictly necessary for this kind of shower, although many people choose to have the shower head and faucet moved to make the shower even easier to use.

Multi-Spray Shower

There’s nothing better than a nice hot shower at the end of a hard day, right? Kick that feeling up a notch with a multi-head shower installation. With multiple spray heads placed around your shower, you are enveloped with relaxing water. This is perfect for people who seek to unwind during their daily routine, especially if you choose massaging shower heads.

Installing multiple showerheads will require plumbing work; the extent of this work will depend on your existing setup and the desired result. The shower walls may or may not need to be replaced.

Tiles, Doors, and Shower Heads

Maybe all you want is a cosmetic change to your shower space. Replacing the molded walls of your shower with custom tiling is a great upgrade option. This can be a quick and easy job, but it’s not one that should be done without proper training. Due to the huge amount of water that will contact these walls, extra care has to be taken to seal the tiles and ensure there will be no leaks. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of different tiles available, and can be laid in infinite combinations and variations.

Replacing the glass doors of your shower is a relatively easy fix. This can be a fast and inexpensive way to make over the look of your bathroom. Glass doors for showers come in many different styles, etched with different patterns, to suit your aesthetic needs. They are also available in different materials, such as plexiglass, which are great if breakage is a concern.

Replacing existing shower heads with new ones is the simplest and easiest fix. You can view hundreds of options at your nearest home improvement store, with all kinds of features. Some are equipped with a hose that allows you to remove the spray head and direct the water wherever you want. Many of them feature massaging water settings, and some are designed for water conservation. Whatever you want, you can probably find a shower head for it. A shower head replacement can take as little as 10 minutes, with the proper tools and training.

If you’re feeling trapped in your shower stall, don’t let it hold you prisoner. A simple call to your trusted contractor can get you on the path to a customized shower experience in only a few minutes!

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