Flower Inspired Wall Painting Ideas for Homes

Nature amazes and surprises us every day in some form or the other and one such unforgettable part of nature is flower. Flowers are known to have the ability of having healing powers and a lot more. Just like fresh flowers in a living would convey peace and harmony and let positivity flow, this however isn’t possible on a daily basis as it would require a lot of effort and time to maintain them. Instead opting for floral inspired motifs in home decoration and painting exercise can get the same effect and feel to your home without much to look after.

Wall Painting: Splashing colors on the walls and covering them up is not the only way you can dress up your walls. Why not try painting your favorite flowers on your walls? You can add the freshness quotient and the liveliness to your room by using floral motifs, patterns, sketches etc over your walls. The wall paints available today in the market are high on versatility giving a lot of scope for experimentation so that you can get the desired effect on your walls. Whether you want a border of white lilies to frame your walls or orchids to welcome your guests in the living room or the brightness of sunflowers in your kitchen; you can get them all with the help of wall painting.

Home decorating ideas: You can even bring the floral effect in your home by making use of accessories. A tulip shaped light fixture over a painting or the French window, or a flower shaped mirror frame for your bathroom or even candles with flower essence; there are no dearth of home decorating ideas. Creating an ambiance is very important and home decor plays a vital role in it. Even your furnishings can communicate your love for flowers through bed covers, table covers etc. Ideas are many all you need to do is give your imagination a boost and implement them within your home through colors.

Flowers can lift our mood and using wall painting techniques one can practically bring out any theme beautifully within any given space. You too can explore the endless arena of flowers and their colors. A reason why many people choose floral theme in their homes is because it lets them add wide variety of colors to their homes. People who love to be surrounded by colors will in every way love flowers.

Walls need to do the talking, after all these form an integral part of every home. On the other hand the area needs to have other elements too which is what home decorating adds to a home. A balanced blend of both can do wonders to your abode.

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