How Hiring an Interior Decorator Can Save You Money

An interior decorator, sometimes called a designer or home consultant, is a professional who can help you make design decisions for your home, purchase furniture, manage large-scale renovation projects or consult on a small home design project.

These d├ęcor professionals make money by charging a consultation fee that’s either hourly or project-based and by earning commissions from material and furniture manufacturers. Despite the cost, hiring an interior decorator can actually save you money – especially if you have limited experience and home “coordination” isn’t your comfort zone. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Brand Name Furniture at Trade Prices.

Because interior decorators and designers work in the industry, they can often secure high-quality, name brand furniture at discounted or wholesale prices. They can also often order other materials, like tiling or carpet, for prices much lower than what you’d pay at retail. The savings from these insider purchases can add up to a bundle and look much more attractive at the end of the project.

2. Saving Time Means Saving Money.

If you’re busy with family life or your time is particularly valuable, hiring a professional design consultant can save you both time and money. Particularly if you’re not designed-inclined or interested in making such a huge investment and commitment, hiring a pro is the way to go. The trade-off on your time preservation may easily offset the expense of a pro.

3. Getting it Right Means Not Doing it Twice.

Instead of experimenting with your own designs through trial-and-error, a design professional can help you get it looking ideal the first time. By carefully laying out their design plan before you start spending, an interior decorator can help help prevent you from making expensive mistakes – especially those custom-made errors that are non-refundable.

4. Knowing the Right People Can Save You Big Bucks.

Because they work in the business every day, most interior decorators have built relationships with quality workers and contractors and can pass those contacts and benefits on to you. Let’s say you need to hire a cabinet-maker to redo your kitchen – do you know who’s good or offers the best value? An interior designer probably does, while you might otherwise spend days coordinating and screening, interviewing, and others whose historical experience may simply not match your needs.

5. Sticking to your Budget Saves Money.

Though hiring an interior decorator comes with its own price tag, these people can actually make your total project cost less by keeping you on budget. Instead of trusting yourself to remain strict within the bounds of your check book and credit cards, an interior designer works within your specified budget and keeps your project on track.

Essentially, the key components on how hiring an interior decorator can save you money come down to keeping you on budget, knowing the right people for the job, doing the project right, saving you time and having access to great deals on furniture or other needed materials. With all those reasons, how could you not hire an interior design consultant for your next home project?

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