Portable Washing Machines – Even If Space is at a Premium You Can Still Have Clean Clothes

For the tight-quarters living, washing your clothes can often be a challenge. People who live in small apartments or condominiums or who travel with a great deal of frequency in recreational vehicles can attest to the challenges that clothes washing presents. But with the variety of portable washing machines available to today’s consumer, a big step has been taken gone toward eliminating many of the troubling challenges.

The variety of portable machines available means that there is something for virtually any situation or environment. In addition, many of these machines have become quite affordable.   Take a look at what is on the market – there is sure to be an appropriate washing machine for your needs.

Let’s start off by taking a look at something that you can get on the cheap and that is environmentally friendly at the same time. Hand driven portable washing machines can be a great solution.  These work wonderfully with smaller load sizes, are easy to pick up and move, and make sense where there is no nearby laundry facility. Plus, the work required to complete a wash cycle is neither time-consuming nor physically taxing. Just a couple of minutes of turning a crank and you are done. Save on money and water too – these portable washing machines use very little soap and very little water.
If you don’t want to perform any more physical labor than is necessary, there are plenty of small electric washers that will work well in any space-restricted setting. These are also set up for smaller loads – best for the individual or couple and not the huge family.  Typically, these tiny portable washing machines will handle loads not exceeding four or five pounds.  One benefit is that water and detergent usage is greatly reduced with these machines as well.

There are even plenty of bigger portable washing machines that can be easily used in restricted spaces. These machines aren’t made to easily pick up and take with you, but they are easily moved around within your living space. Just wheel them out, plug them in and wash. When you are done, put them away in a convenient storage area. Once you have connected the machine to the sink, you have basically the same ease of use and functionality of any other washing machine. Just load it up, select a setting, and go about your business as you would with a traditional laundry-room washer.

After you have determined what kind of machine best suits your needs, start to do a little comparison shopping. The brands and variety of machines, as mentioned before, are almost with out limit, but you can start off by considering a few of the following options.  Clean Air Gardening offers a great solution for the environmentally aware — a hand powered washer under $50.  Wonderwash also markets a portable machine for around $50. For some of the other more substantial and high-end portable washing machines, take a look at different models made by Avanti, Danby and Summit.

The size of your living space should not preclude you from having a washer to use any time you please. Avoid the needless trips to the local commercial laundry facility. Wash your clothes in the comfort of your own living space with an easy to use portable washing machine.

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