The Top 5 Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting definitely has it practical purposes in providing illumination to your otherwise dark outdoor space. But if you want your house to be set apart from the others in your neighborhood, then you definitely should check out contemporary outdoor lighting ideas for your exteriors.

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your interiors so you should spend as much time in making it look good as much as you do with your interiors. It will really impress your family and friends especially during gatherings and besides, a project like this is could be enjoyable where you can show your stylish and creative side.

Personal outdoor and landscape lighting has come a long way from just the plain security and accent lighting purposes. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with products that make illuminating the outdoors more cool and interesting; the downside though is that you would have to invest bigger amounts of money for some of the ideas below, but if you want to go ahead with modern lighting then here are top 5 contemporary outdoor lighting ideas.

1. To mark or accentuate focal points in your outdoor space you can use portable decorative lights like solar lights that use soft-glowing, energy-efficient LEDs. Using LEDs as opposed to incandescent lighting is much better owing to the fact that they last longer, lasting up to 30,000 hours or even longer, minus the glare found in most incandescent lighting fixtures.

Portable lights like rope lights for marking focal points in your landscaping, such as the fountain place or your garden, is much better compared to electric lighting because they are wireless so you can install them on your own thus saving on installation fees and due to the fact that they are solar-powered you are able to save on your electric bill.

2. Planning for a poolside party? Floating pool lights made of waterproof polyethylene material may be just what you need for your ambient lighting needs. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, this fixture has no wires so there is no need to worry about your guests getting electrocuted while dipping in the pool.

There are many designs to choose from to express your style and character. You can go playful using floating pool lights of different shapes and sizes or go elegant with the classic floating pool lamps design.

3. There are multi-purpose floor lamps that are safe for seating and can also be used as a table. You can enjoy using them even indoors; just put a seat cushion for comfort.

4. Scatter rounded, low intensity floor lamps on your landscape for a magical look and elegance. Put it by the side of the pool for added lighting effect along with the floating lamps.

5. Spend time with your family under your patio even well into the night by using detachable umbrella lights available in different colors: white for reading purposes or colored lights for a playful ambiance. They are easy to install, fit most umbrella pole size, can also be used for other lighting purposes and rechargeable too so there is no need to fuzz about wires.

Contemporary outdoor lighting could become a big project so be sure that before you start this project you have thoroughly considered, planned and researched on the benefits, advantages as well as the disadvantages so that you are better prepared with what’s to come.

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