Top Interior Decor Trends 2009!

Home is amongst the most important assets of one’s life that is preserved for lifetime. Home is also where comfort and relaxation is there. As such, interior decor is given high importance by almost everyone. So what changes, small or big, you need to introduce this year? Let’s know what the top interior decor trends of 2009 are!

Nature Connect: With everyone speaking about environmental protection and going organic, everything that is natural, eco-friendly or has connection with nature will take prime place. Linen and cotton textile for home furnishings are top picks. However, eco-friendly fibers such as soy, hemp and especially bamboo will be there, right in the front. Art works used for decorating will also reflect nature with paintings focusing on nature with trees, flowers, rural and natural landscapes.

Color Palette: Bright and metallic colors with low luster levels will take the center stage. Gold and silver will give way to platinum, rose gold and copper. Yellow ( zesty lemon, orange, and lime hues) will also hold strong. Purple will continue to remain popular with a shift towards red shade. Paintings will be seen with bold uses of primary and other bright colors – reds, greens, yellows, blues and so on.

Patterns: Bold geometric patterns will dominate the interior decor scenario. However, symmetry will be maintained to bring balance everywhere. Floral patterns will also be there. As far as art work is concerned, watercolor techniques and cheerful wildflowers are the prime focus. Flowers would be seen in 3D bouquet like embellishments, sewn on textile furnishings.

Recycled Decor: With economy taking back seat, people will focus on refreshing, redesigning and renewing instead of going all new- the same trend that was there throughout 2008.

The In-things: Here are some things that will be in-things for the year 2009. Venetian, etched or graphics printed mirrors; traditional prints in larger scales & bolder colors; marvelous serving pieces; leather; Animal prints; Rustic touch; copper and bronze; Gray, charcoal, pewter having clear bright colors; Velvets, linens, cotton, silk and bamboo fabrics; green color in all shades; organic materials; natural fibers; preference to comfort; value; bigger table lamps, interesting shades and bases; etc.

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