Why Glass is Better Than Wood For Your Furniture

First it is important to distinguish between tempered and untempered glass. Tempered glass is the standard for any glass suitable for human contact (ex. shower doors, etc.). If broken it will shatter into many pieces rather than breaking with jagged dangerous edges. Each tempered glass piece of furniture should carry a seal to signify that it has been tempered.

It is also important to note that not all wooden furniture is actually comprised of a high amount of real wood, but rather some kind of “engineered” wood, covered with some kind of finish.

Besides the safety benefits of tempered glass, another benefit of glass is that it is easily maintained as opposed to wood furniture. It can be cleaned with the spray of a window cleaner, while wood can easily stain if cups are placed without coasters.

In such cases, wood furniture may require refinishing, while glass bears such treatment well. Some wood products use pine as the construction material; the problem with pine and other softer woods is that they can dent or scratch much too easily.

Another benefit to glass is the beauty of the material. Glass furniture adds elegance to the interior of any of the rooms in a house or apartment. Elegant, yet affordable, glass can bring a touch of class to a room. Glass tables look especially nice with hardwood floors, for instance.

Some rectangular tables are made with wrought iron bases, which add to a classic appearance, while other glass tables come in oval or other shapes and can provide comfortable settings. There are also many places to put glass furnishings in a house or apartment. Glass furniture looks especially appealing in the living room or dining room, as well as in an entryway or outside on a screened in porch. The modern appearance of many pieces of fine glass furniture provides a style that any visitor to a home can appreciate.

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