5 Big Home And Interior Design Trends For 2011

Despite a difficult financial climate in 2010, and a bit of a shaky start to 2011, there is a sense of optimism which is reflected in the emerging design trends for 2011.

1. Wallpaper designs

Wallpaper designs will be big and bold. Previous year have seen single walls covered in a bold print. Expect to see entire rooms adorned with bright and colourful patterns.

2. Colour

Bright, bold and optimistic! The well respected colour experts at Pantone, known for their expertise in colours from graphic design and architecture to fashion and make up predict the colour of the year will be ‘Honeysuckle’, also referred to as Pantone 18-2120, head over to their site to see it. They describe it as bright but not bold, reflecting a sense of optimism for a brighter future. Colour forecasters, including Pantone foresee deep colours like iron and brick contrasting with pale, cool pastel shades for interiors.

3. Furniture

It’s all about mixing it up. Watch out for vintage items juxtaposed with carefully selected pieces from the seventies, eighties and current times.

4. Technology

Everybody is becoming more techo-savvy, and technology is becoming evermore accessible. Rather than the CD player in the corner of the room, iPads, iPhones are used to wirelessly transmit music to an amplifier. There are apps which work with intelligent lighting to control the ambiance of your rooms. Video games where your body is the controller require room for the whole family to stomp around the living room, so space is important. Large 3D, high definition televisions are often the centre-piece of the living room.

5. Eco-decorating

Hot for 2011 is the increase of environmentally aware decorating and building methods. Architects are opting for more environmentally sound building materials. Large windows are popular, adding extra light and creating the effect of bring the outside in.

I hope this guide proves useful and informative.

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