Great Lighting is the Key to a Great Home

If location is the key to a smart home purchase then lighting is the key that makes your home shine in its location.  The first order of business when considering any kind of update is to look around and see what you like. This is true with all home decorating decisions; creating a style all your own and having a home that feels inviting is the key to any successful project. It is especially important to analyze the needs of each room and how each of those rooms will be used.

While chandeliers are normally light fixtures that grace the dining room or possibly the foyer try thinking outside the box and hang a small one in the bathroom.  This touch of the unexpected can really become a focal point in an otherwise drab room.  It can be either an antique or a funky flea market find that catches your eye, just trust your instincts.  Your entry way is another area of your house in which you can infuse some glamour and pizazz with your lighting choice.  A black lamp shade will enhance a glass lamp base and when set on small table by the door it will give the room a warm and inviting glow.

If you enjoy spending time outside in the summer time then you know how important good outdoor lights can enhance your enjoyment of your patio or yard.  Whether you only hang a string of solar lights around a market umbrella or install something more permanent, good landscape lighting will make your next summer party really sparkle.  On the practical side, it is very important to install lights that will enhance visibility as well as improve the safety and security of your home. 

The kitchen is the room that is the most used in the home and therefore it is very important that proper and the most efficient lighting is put to use in such a busy space.  Modern pendant lights are a great choice to hang above the eat-in bar; they both look great and function well for tasks.  Installing mini-lights under the cabinets is a smart choice, especially if you are considering a full kitchen remodel.  These are but a few ideas that will add both functional practicality as well as give your rooms that all important personal touch.  Go with your instincts and you won’t go wrong.

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