5 Reasons To Build Your Own Home

Today there are plenty of pre-fabricated houses to choose from. We’ve got a plethora of pre-planned communities with cracker box houses that will do in a pinch. However, does this really satisfy your needs and wants? You can pay a decent amount of money and buy something that somewhat fulfills your needs, or you can build something that was specifically meant to fulfill your needs. There’s no point in arguing the fact. If you have the means (and the means are easy to come by), building your own custom home is preferred by nearly everyone. Aside from this logic, here are a few more reasons why building a custom home is probably a better option for you.

Wise Investing

That’s right…owning a house is just plain, good business sense. Land is becoming a dwindling resource, and many are forced to rent. If you have the means to purchase a home, you should do it. It is a solid investment in that, even with the real estate bubble collapsing, when you analyze the real estate trends over the past 10 years, you’ll find that home values have steadily been increasing.

Lower Your Interest

No, we don’t mean that in the way you think. What we mean is that interest rates have been steadily dropping. Now is a prime time to take advantage. Sooner than you think, interest rates will begin to climb again, and you may have missed a spectacular financial endeavor.

Newer Homes Tend To Be Better

For a number of reasons, newer homes tend to have much better features. These homes tend to have more living space, are constructed with less toxic materials, are more energy-efficient, and much more. If you have the choice, you’ll see that there are many benefits to reap when you buy “new”.

Low Material Costs

Currently, lumber costs have declined, which means lower construction costs to you. This literally means that you can get more house for your buck. There’s also a strong indication that the lowering costs apply to many other construction materials as well.


Being in control of your house’s construction from start to finish allows you the luxuries that you wouldn’t normally have. For example, you will have the capability of negotiating prices on construction materials and updating plans. Let’s say you are able to negotiate the price of your granite countertop down. Now you get the option of either saving that money or investing it into another part of your home that you’d like to add.

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