Brighten Up Your Home With Unique French Home Accessories

Add some colour to your everyday life with stunning hand-painted French tableware. Hand made in the Provence region of France, beautiful ceramic kitchen accessories can liven up all of your meals and are ideal for anything from a quick breakfast to special dinner parties with friends.

A touch of class can be added to even a simple meal with these unique home accessories. Your morning coffee can be brightened up by the vibrant designs on the kitchen accessories such as the coffee cups and crockery, whilst your garden can achieve that Provencal look with French garden pots and planters.

A ceramic teapot makes for a great conversation starter when friends come over for a cup of tea. Even simple everyday tasks like pouring a glass of water can be made more exciting with coloured water jugs. You can feel like you are on holiday in the Provence all year round.

Hand-painted ceramics are wonderful as unusual and original gifts for friends and family or even just as home accessories for you. French pottery can provide the starting point for wonderful decorating ideas and can also be used as the focal design point of a room.

The designs are unique and eye-catching and can be an inspiration for home decoration and can be used as a colour chart for home decoration inspiration for the whole house! The vivid colours and attractive designs on these unique decorations can cheer up even the greyest of days.

These gorgeous designs have been meticulously hand-painted on a range of kitchenware such as tagine pots, eggcups and wine coolers. There are French ceramics for every homeware need that you may have. A wonderful feature is that most items are dishwasher and microwave friendly, a rarity in hand-painted homeware.

Each region of the Provence has their own style of decoration which makes it so much fun to travel around and compare. There are wonderful potteries in the Drome Valley with family potteries where the husband produces great hand made ceramics while his wife hand paints them. off to the kiln and out comes the most gorgeous products of French home accessories and oven to table ware.

In the South the colours become a little brighter. There is a village North of Cannes with deep reds, blues and yellow that reminds one of honey. But again, the hand made and hand painted pottery items are all wonderful decorations for any kitchen and dinner table.

Enjoy travelling and taking in the different types of French home accessory making!

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