Chandelier Shades – The Basics

Chandelier shades are a simple way to update a lighting fixture or to create a new look for a room in your home. Choosing a new shade design is an easy way to make a dramatic impact in any room you want. They add beauty to your light fixtures while at the same time casting a softer glow in the room.

Options range from fancy beaded chandelier shades to a more neutral look of natural linen. You can dress a room up, or down, depending on the occasion, with just a change of a shade. Shades come in various styles such as beaded, silk embroidered shades, woven, metal, faux leather, pleated, Victorian, paper, cotton, ruffled light shades, and floral patterned shades. They usually come with an easily attachable bottom that can be clipped onto the appropriate parts of the chandelier.

One advantage of chandelier shades are the dazzling array of moods and designs that can be created just by changing the shades. It’s a relief to know that there is no need to dismantle the entire chandelier frame to do this. The lampshade can also be in different colors, so instead of just a clear light you can have a diffuse tinted glow.

Harmony is a key to a beautiful lamp; the lamp base and shade should compliment each other. The shape of the shade should follow the contour of the fixture. For example, a more square-shaped lighting fixture should have shades with straight lines.

Style is really a matter of personal taste. Of course you would want to match an elegant light fixture with an elegant shade. If one has a very decorative lamp that looks just fine with a more plain shade, then certainly you may use it.

Light shades might have traditionally been white or off-white just to let plenty of light through. If you feel a shade is a bit plain, consider keeping the style but getting a different color. Colored chandelier shades can play a role in making the d├ęcor of a room. You can even match colored shades with the walls in a room. Whatever your taste might be, don’t be afraid to put a little color on your fixtures – after all you might love it.

One very important thing to always keep in mind when shopping for these shades – pay attention to the maximum wattage allowed and the way that the shade attaches to a fixture because certain ones are manufactured to only accommodate certain shade styles.

No matter what your style is, different sizes, shapes, and colors offers something for every design theme; from very modern to rustic. Have fun with your decorating.

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