Church Lighting Fixtures

Traditionally, churches have used lighting designs that have scrollers with separate colors, which are attached to each other to create white light. These can also be adjusted to produce different colors, other than white. This type of lighting fixture does have many disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the fact that they offer limited choices regarding colors. Another one is that these fixtures are very expensive to operate. Because of the many different disadvantages the lighting system had, many churches opted to switch to a much more updated form of lighting fixture. With the availability of new technology, they were able to implement a much more advanced form of lighting.

New Fixtures

Many churches today use lighting fixtures that produce very bright and intense lighting. This new lighting system is generally automated to be able to change colors at will. They have one function, and they accomplish their task rather well. They are designed to produce light, and change color, if needed, using a remote control.

Light Quality

The new lighting fixtures most churches use today have a far better light production capability than the old system they once used. Unlike the old system, the new lighting fixtures produce a high quality light, which will not have any contamination on the sides of other colors. The old lighting fixtures did not do this very well. In most cases, the edges of the light beam will have traces of different colors.


The cost of these systems is not small, however. The price for this type of fixture will cost about $1,500. The power supply will add an additional $1,200 to the overall price.

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