Ideas for Redecorating Your Home

Redecorating a home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of your time. It can be pretty easy to do. Remember, your home should reflect you and your family’s unique personality and sense of style. A hint – redecorate your home one room at a time. Think outside the box when redecorating and have fun and enjoy it – you can even make it into a family activity.

First, you can switch your furniture and accessories around at least twice a year during spring/summer and once again during fall/winter. This can include pillows, throws, window treatments and even lighting fixtures and lamps. This allows you to have alternative styles and can change a classy room to a contemporary room to a traditional room to a rustic room.

Also, you can bring the outside into your house. Get a nice plant or flower and place it in a ceramic pot next to a coffee table, end table, sofa table or bedside table or even in a hallway and switch out every so often. Place framed pictures, candles and even small ornaments on the mantle of your fireplace and add a small accent light. Rotate these around every so often also.

You can also place furniture in unanticipated places adding functionality and an architectural touch to your home décor. You can put that antique table in the foyer with pictures of your family and an antique style light. You can place that bedroom floor trunk in your living room and fill it with extra pillows, blankets and throws and top it with the creative blanket of your choice – maybe even sports-themed blanket. You can place a curio cabinet in the hallway and fill it with vases, candles, small pieces of artwork or sports memorabilia. You can also place pictures and small ornaments on your bookshelves to liven it up.

Another redecorating idea is to hang sports memorabilia on the walls throughout your house. You can also lean some against the walls. And, don’t forget the lighting. You can add sports-themed lighting such as table, floor wall/window lamps and accessories such as light switch covers and night lights to your lighting décor. These will bring provide illuminating light and allow you to show off your team spirit and own personal style.

All in all, redecorating a home is a very popular and growing trend. It allows you to easily change the design, look and feel of your home – a unique family activity that every family member can participate in and enjoy.

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