Crystal Chandeliers – How To Choose One For Your Home

Crystal Chandeliers make for a wonderful lighting piece at home. These chandeliers do light up a dining or living room with their glow.

As in the past, crystal chandeliers were used solely for the decoration of the very rich, while today, it has become more common for crystal chandeliers to be seen and used in the decoration of ordinary homes, as well as in classy hotels and restaurants. Crystal chandeliers are valued for the warm light they give off and the sparkle they add to every room.

Crystal chandeliers today come in varied sizes and styles, and regardless of the kind of space you are looking to light up, you are sure to find a crystal chandelier that suits your needs. These fixtures add style and elegance to any decor.

Buy A Chandelier That Complements The Style Of Your Home

Chandeliers used to be only utilized in dining rooms and foyers of large and elegant homes, and exclusively by the rich. Large chandeliers made of cut crystal or glass were symbols of wealth and social status.

Because these fixtures are generally large and ornate, they are most often the centerpiece of a large room. Since these lighting fixtures can be expensive, no matter their styles, it’s imperative to find one that properly accents your home. Home d├ęcor experts advise homeowners to buy one that complements the time period and architectural style of the house rather than the current decorative style.

It is not really an option for average homeowners to buy a new one every time their decorative tastes vary and change. The first aspect to consider when buying a chandelier is the size of the room where it will hang. The general rule is that the chandelier should be two inches in diameter for every foot that the room is wide. In short,if your dining room is fifteen feet wide, then the fixture should be approximately 30 inches in diameter.

Consider The Type Of Furniture In Your Room

The next consideration in choosing the appropriate chandelier type would be to check on the height and structure of the furniture in your room. If you have a tall hutch, you may not hang the chandelier wherein it will hang just above that piece of furniture, since it will definitely give the room a crowded look. There must be enough head space so that no one would run into, and hit the chandelier when crossing the room.


The next thing to consider would be lighting. If your lighting fixture is meant to be the primary source of light in a room, it should be bright enough to give off sufficient light,and not offset or undermine a secondary light source.

A good way to provide flexibility in a room would be to install a dimmer switch that allows you to control the amount of light that emanates from the chandelier. You could also utilize floor lamps, table lamps and corner lamps to aid in lighting the room.

Crystal Chandeliers –

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