Do Not Abandon Topic Ideas

Writing articles is lots of fun. People enjoy posting their opinions on article submission sites. Many have blogs they update daily. Though writing is enjoyable, it can be difficult. Time-management is important for article writers, who need to continue learning effective ways to write. We must remain open to the things we see, listen to, and touch so that we can obtain article ideas from our surroundings. We must improve our creativity to form interesting article ideas. Anyone who writes articles or blogs is likely to experience problems on topics. Many of us sometimes cannot think up a topic no matter how hard we try. It is not easy to find and keep a topic that enables you to write a lengthy quality article. There are some web-based services that give bloggers and writers topic ideas. Many blog hosts provide bloggers with ideas. This shows that there are many who have problems coming up with topics.

Since finding a topic is an important process in article writing, I have my own method to finding and keeping topics. The followings are the list of my action items to find, keep, and maintain my ideas:

– Pay attention to a shift in emotion

– Write a topic idea with questions

– Take note or make a list of ideas

– Regularly or irregularly revisit listed ideas

– Do not abandon topic ideas because of difficulty developing a story

– Review used topics regularly. They are seeds of new writings.

No matter what I am doing, whenever I feel a shift in my emotion, that is the key to my topic. This may happen when I am reading a book, watching a TV program, watching a DVD, or walking my dog. Whenever this happens, I write about it, which shows how and why I felt that way. I also write down any questions I have. If my PC is available, I open my word processing software, name a document with the topic idea, and save it to my PC desktop. When I am out and away from my PC, I write my topic ideas down in the notebook I carry everywhere. I also use voice recording on my smart phone or call my home phone and leave a message with my topic idea. I then save my ideas to my PC desktop when I am home.

In this way, I constantly keep five to ten topic ideas. When I feel like writing based on the topic idea that has just come to mind, I start writing. When I find it is not so easy to write a quality article about my most recent topic, it is saved on my desktop to wait. Some topics stay there for a long time. However, in most cases, I use these ideas saved on my PC desktop within a few days. I do not abandon any topics.

I review unused topics regularly and irregularly. I revisit my list of topic ideas at least once in 2-3 weeks. It is somehow funny, but a topic once was difficult to develop a story become a good topic to write over a time. Used topics are still useful, too. Many of them give me a new idea of writing. I revisit used topics at least once in a month.

Using this method, I keep track of all my topic ideas. The topics will not abandon you, as long as you do not abandon the topics.

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