Finest Quality Burma Teak Wood Suppliers

Burma Teak is one of the finest quality and most preferred teak wood among the rest. It is the due to its strength, appeal, durability and other advantages that it is widely used in building and construction work. It is often regarded as the ‘The King of Woods’ and why not? It its multipurpose use and functionality, it is one of the best and commonly used wood to create supreme quality products. The king of woods, the Burma teak wood suppliers are a few in the industry who can provide first grade and finest quality materials.

This wood, that is teak, is native to only a few selected tropical countries. To name a few, the countries where teak is found are India, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). However, due to advancement and technological upgradations and innovations, this teak, is now made available in many other countries as Plantations. The commonly known Burma teak is the most sought after for construction. This type of teak wood is known to naturally grow and it requires less external care. It is much denser and durable as compared to the plantation teak and hence, their application is also varied. The strength, sustainability and durability that Burma teak offers is hard to discover.

The average age of a fully developed that is a fully-grown Burma teak is a notable hundred years. These are the teak woods from which the large round logs are obtained. These large round logs are used for multiple construction and building purposes. They are strong, sturdy and robust. Hence, these teak wood materials are often seen in sturdy constructions. When we compare this Burma teak to plantation teak, the difference is naturally clear. Plantation teak is harvested after fifteen to twenty years and this makes the distinction about its usage and application.

It has been the first preference timber wood of many craftsmen since ages thanks to its fine quality and application. To name a few, Burma Teak has been used as Decking of the great Titanic and also, it has been used to build British Settlements in Rangoon among other major submissions. The major applications include luxurious furniture, flooring, skirting, veneers, carvings and more. The king of woods is used in construction work of various significant palaces, hotels, villas and other retro and urban residences to name a few. This teak exudes a perfect golden coloured appearance that is liked by all and it enlivens the living spaces and brighten up the area. No other timber renders such an effect as Burma teak and timber does. Also, its natural oil component makes it extremely resistant to termites, bacteria and dampness. So, the materials and products remain safe and sound.

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