Dual Flush Toilet Advantages

The smaller flush uses only.8 gallon of water, and the bigger flush uses only 1.8 gallons, meaning this toilet meets the new EPA Watersense standard for High Efficiency Toilets (HET). New, standard toilets use 1.8 gallons with every flush, so by using this Watersense, dual flush toilet, you could save thousands of gallons per year!

Installing and using HET Watersense toilets can add green building points if you are wanting to achieve LEED green building certification.

Although this high efficiency toilet reduces water consumption, it is still a high quality toilet that doesn’t stop up easily. This toilet has some serious flushing power that can be put to the test against standard toilets.

Because this toilet’s flushing action is different that standard US toilets, it does a better job of cleaning out the bowl with much less water. It works by using a “wash down” style of flushing rather than relying on gravity suction. This way, the bowl of the toilet is evenly rinsed using much less water. Another bonus of this toilet is that it makes much less noise because there is less water and lower volume. Not only is the flushing quiet, but the inlet valve used to refill is also very quiet, as well. Flush buttons and accent pieces come in either chrome or Brushed Nickel.

The Caroma toilets are from Australia, which is a very arid continent where water conservation is extremely important. The Caroma company has been making high efficiency dual flush toilets for decades, making them a leader in water conservation.

Unlike American toilets, which have a 2 inch trapway, the Caroma toilets have an enormous 4 inch trapway, meaning they are near impossible to clog under regular use.

With a rough-in measuring from 10 inches to 12 inches, the toilet bowl is easy to use it where you need it, giving you the option to install it just where you want it. There is also an adjustable connector that gives you more precise installation options.

The small, retaining bolts on the toilet are located in the far back side of the toilet, which makes them much less likely to catch on clothing, feet or mobility devices.

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