Savaria Telecab Home Elevator: Fast and Easy Installation

Savaria’s Telecab home elevator is a valuable addition to your home, because it enhances the value of your home and improves the quality of life of all family members. As a leading elevator supplier, Savaria offers fast and easy installation of its premium products. These home elevators ensure considerable independence and comfort for your loved ones who have mobility issues, making your home a warmer and friendlier place. Savaria Telecab can also be used to carry heavy items such as groceries, laundries or anything else between the floors.

The self-enclosed drive tower of Savaria Telecab residential elevator makes the unit fast and easy to install and it also keeps the mechanical components out of site and safe. Durable and almost maintenance free, these cost-effective elevators can be modified to meet your unique requirements and challenges. Designed specifically for residential application, the Telecab elevator from Savaria is commonly used in buildings having 2 floors. This elevator is available in a wide range of colors. It has a lifting capacity of 500lbs (227 kg) and a travel speed of 25 feet/min.

Telecab Home Elevator Safety Features

Telecab home elevator is provided with an array of safety features including:

• Electro-mechanical door lock and open door sensor
• Under panel safety sensor
• Adjustable top floor presence detector built into the cab
• Emergency stop button
• Emergency alarm button for signaling outsiders whenever the elevator is in trouble
• Emergency battery lowering
• Remote control with locking option is available to avoid illegal access
• Fully enclosed drive tower for safety and aesthetics
• Pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload
• In cab telephone system
• Slack chain safety device
• Halogen light in cab

Most of the controls incorporated in Telecab are user-friendly, with the intention that users can operate them without an elevator operator. The equipment can be customized to fit into a limited space.

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements of Savaria Telecab elevator are simple. This unit does not need a hoistway or an under-unit pit and can be installed easily. This residential elevator requires less space. Being a space saving model, it can be installed without making major alterations to the existing architectural structure of your home.

Compared to commercial elevators, these residential elevators are less complex and less expensive. If you’re considering a home elevator and want to make good use of the available space in your residence, Telecab Elevator would be a good option. A Savaria Telecab home elevator can increase the architectural appeal of your old or new home.

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