16 Vanity Cabinet Features to Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Decisions Easier

For more than 100 years, the vanity has been the basis of bath design. Early on, before the days of indoor plumbing, the vanity took the form of a wash stand. It was more dresser than anything else, but it held the pitcher of water and the wash bowl that was the origin of the idea for vanity cabinets. Over the years, designs have evolved to hide exposed pipes and shut-off valves. They also served as the foundation for the sink.

Later these vanity cabinets evolved into larger models in order to provide needed storage space for toiletries, linens and a variety of other items. Along with increased capacity for storage and the addition of other functionalities, bathroom cabinets began to acquire a little bit of style. This evolution continued as vanity cabinets became more attractive, more functional and more stylish.

Today vanity cabinets form the centerpiece of much bathroom d├ęcor and design. They are no longer a way to hide pipes. Bathroom cabinets today match the style of a home, the decorating preferences of homeowners, regional style preferences, and the recent trend toward greater luxury and the spa features demanded by many homeowners today. With the evolution in style and luxury has come the increased size of the room. Today’s bathrooms are beautiful, functional, and luxurious.

Whether a bathroom is small, sleek and contemporary in style or a mid-sized master bath designed for two or a large spacious spa-featured bathroom, there are vanity cabinets in the appropriate size, shape and color or finish. From classic white to ebony and everything in between, the perfect vanity cabinets are available.

Consider some of the features and characteristics available today:

  1. Multiple coatings of polyurethane to protect the wood from dampness
  2. Minimal and modern
  3. Reproductions of antiques
  4. Corner units
  5. Units with rounded fronts for extra storage
  6. Moveable interior shelves
  7. Drawers with organizing inserts
  8. Styles for any type of sink installation
  9. Variations in height to accommodate everyone’s needs
  10. Two depth options for small and large rooms
  11. Double sink units
  12. Double sinks of different heights and with (or without) a lower grooming area with a chair or bench seat
  13. Fronts that are traditional cabinet doors or units with glass or frosted glass doors
  14. Units with open shelving
  15. Custom vanity cabinets that are part of a complete bathroom suite of storage spaces
  16. Pull-our shelves to make it easier to reach items in the back

By working with a local cabinetmaker it is possible to have any configuration of vanity cabinets with other types of storage and shelving space, drawers, sinks, and more. A cabinetmaker can help you design and create a luxurious and beautiful bathroom that is relaxing and serviceable. In short, today you can have any kind of vanity cabinets you want in any material you choose, with any finish you select.

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