How Much Does it Cost to Decorate With Mirror Tile?

There are many different styles of home decor nowadays. Tiling is extremely popular in many homes. It can be used for flooring, backsplashes, or as a general wall design. To add a bit of uniqueness to the tiled look, many people like to utilize mirror tile in their homes.

Using this product can be very affordable depending on the style being used. Basic glass tiles for walls generally cost around $10 for each 12″x12″ square tile. For tiles that are a bit fancier, like those with beveled edges or a specific design within the mirror, can run between $20-$30 for each piece.

For those who are more do-it-yourselfers, slabs of mirrors can be purchased and later cut down. This can help to make any project involving tile mirrors a bit more affordable. In addition, it is a great idea for those who want small mirror tiles, or just a more custom size in general. Getting a large piece of mirror can sometimes be a lot easier than purchasing several different small adhesive mirror tiles.

As with any tiling process, the cost of using this kind of tile depends on the amount of space being covered by the tiles. However, not every space needs to be entirely covered with mirror tiles. This type of tile can be a great accent piece other styles of tiling. Using a primary type of tiling and offsetting it with this product can be a great way to create a sharp look while keeping costs down.

Tiling can be a very versatile method of home d├ęcor for floors and walls alike. Using mirror tile can add a hint of unique style to any home. There are many different ways to use these tiles. Not only can they be purchased as individual tiles, but they can also be purchased to be cut down for a personal design.

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