Use Laundry Room Makeover Ideas to Streamline, Organize, and Improve Household Tasks

If you are like most, your laundry room space is relatively limited, and you have an awful lot you would like to do with that space. There are lots of options for products and accessories that can make organizing and utilizing your laundry room easier. If remodeling is in your laundry room’s future, there are a few laundry room makeover ideas that will help you create a modern residential laundry room that does everything you want it too.

Of course, your laundry room is primarily for laundry. So the first items you need to check off your list are those you need to take care of your clothes. If you are seeking to replace your washer and dryer, consider a contemporary steam set that uses far less water or energy than their more traditional predecessors. The prices on these are higher than on the older models, but your savings on your energy bills will make up the difference over and over again. Great retailers to start shopping for these appliances include Home Depot and Sears.

Next, take a look at your utility sink. If it needs to be replaced, consider what you do with it. If it is only used to wash your hands or hold a bucket while you mix a cleaning solution, the design can be simple; however, if you use your sink daily for hand washing clothes, soaking stained garments, or even washing the dog, you will want a deeper sink, and one that is designed to meet your needs. There are actually many different options for size, style, and even color.

Now look at your next steps in doing laundry. Once your clothes are washed, do all of your garments go into the dryer? A clothes drying rack helps you care for your more delicate articles and save even more on energy costs, but if your space is limited, this is an accessory you may have chosen to live without. Manufacturers have come up with a number of ideas for this dilemma, and you can now find many different racks that fold up and stow away when not in use. You can choose the one that works best for you.

This is also the case for your ironing board. There is no need to make room to store this necessary monstrosity. Thanks to many contemporary ideas, you can have a full size ironing board that folds into its own attractive cabinet that hangs on the wall. While decorating your laundry room with a pretty cabinet, your ironing board will be adding to the overall d├ęcor. They are easy to install, even for those who are not adept at diy projects.

Finally, laundry room makeovers are made complete by adding decorative but practical pieces like hampers, trash cans, rugs, and clocks. You need these items, but retailers such as Pottery Barn and even Target and Walmart offer products that are attractive as well as functional, and will add to the warm, inviting look of your new laundry room.

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