How to Clean Outdoor Lighting

Anything that you install outdoors can be very difficult to clean because of too much exposure to dirt, dust, and other natural elements that indoor installations are not exposed to. This is the reason why many people find it hard to clean their outdoor lighting. This neglect often leads to dirty, damaged, or broken lighting fixtures. Instead of making your outdoor space brighter and more attractive, broken and useless outdoor lights only become eye sores that you just want to get rid of.

Installing outdoor lighting is not cheap, that is why you should take care of your outdoor lights by cleaning it regularly. Here are some tips that you can use if you are planning to clean your outdoor lighting.

o Unplug the lighting fixture from the electrical outlet or turn it off. You do not want to get electrocuted cleaning outdoor lights.

o Prepare a ladder. You might have some really high outdoor lights that you will not be able to reach without the aid of a ladder. Be careful, though. Make sure that the ladder is secured firmly before climbing it unless you want a broken neck.

o The bulb is always encased in grills, globes, or other housings. Remove the housing first. You might need screwdrivers to do this. Once you have taken off the housing, remove the bulb by just turning it counter clockwise. If you are on a ladder, climb down and proceed to cleaning the parts.

o You need to use warm water with dish washing soap to wash all the parts except the light bulb. Soak all the parts into the water with soap and leave them.

o Prepare another bucket of water with soap. You will use this for cleaning the parts that you could not disassemble. Use a sponge and soak it into the soapy water and use it to wipe the other parts.

o Rinse everything – fixed and loose parts with clean water. Wipe them with dry clean cloth or let them try if the weather permits.

o To make your outdoor lights look shiny and brand new, you can apply wax on the parts that are made of metal or a special cleaner for glass parts.

o If the light bulb is still working, clean it using a damp cloth. But if it is not working anymore, just replace it with a brand new one.

o Finally, put everything back properly and after only a few hours, your outdoor lights will be illuminating your outdoor space again.

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