Interior Decorating Ideas for a Sports Enthusiast

You are an avid sports fan and your life revolves around your favorite teams and athletes. Decorating a sports-themed room in your house is a must. This can be fun and a perfect way to create a living space for you, your family and your guests to enjoy. Whether you are wild about a particular sport or wild about sports in general, sports enthusiasts everywhere can create their own sports-themed room using a wide variety of decorating sports-themed ideas for the sports fan in you.

A popular sport-themed idea is to create a billiards room. Billiards rooms are not just for sports bars anymore and have become a popular theme in homes everywhere. Of course, a billiards room needs pool table, pool sticks, balls, pool chalk and other accessories. Add a wall rack to hold the pool sticks. You can add a small sports bar and sports-themed stools for spot-on bar feeling. Hang several 3 shade billiard lamps from the ceiling above the pool table. You can also hang pictures of pool sharks and billiard tables and add come comfortable couches, sofas and chairs.

Another popular theme is to create a room for the basketball lover. First, you need to includes a flat screen television which is at least 42″ mounted on the wall. You can use wood flooring to look give the look and feel of a basketball court. You can also paint the walls of the room in a bright and bold color or a color that matches your favorite basketball team and add a basketball wall paper border or basketball-style wall decals. Add throw rugs with a basketball theme or with the logo or mascot of your favorite team. Include comfy furniture where you and your guests can enjoy food and accent with throw rugs or pillows that look like basketball or represent your favorite team. Add basketball-style table, floor, wall and accent lamps and clocks to the d├ęcor. You can also add an indoor wall basketball hoop with a nerf or foam-type ball.

For football fan, designing a room about this passion is fun and easy. You can paint your favorite team’s logo or mascot on the wall. You can also find plenty of sports memorabilia to hang from the walls such as framed jerseys, replica framed jerseys pennants, helmets, footballs, clocks and ticket stubs. As with the basketball room, include a large television and the right furniture with accent rugs and pillows. Also, consider carpet that look like green turf.

Similarly, you can design a room around the baseball fan in your house. Use the tips above but paint a baseball diamond on the wall or find accent the carpet with throw rugs shaped as a baseball diamond or with your favorite team’s colors, logo or mascot. Get sports memorabilia such as replica baseball bats, caps jerseys or framed pictures of your favorite player or team as well as clocks and ticket stubs.

You can add a sports clock scoreboard to any of these rooms. You can also add a whiteboard so that you can keep track of the record and standings of your favorite team or billiards pool shark. So, start decorating and enjoy.

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