Building Your Custom Home – Wood Or Steel?

When building your own custom house, you can opt for wood or steel for conventional construction. The conventional construction is the most common construction technique, using vertical studs in order to make the skeletal system for the interior and exterior walls. The studs can be made of wood or steel.

The wood studs are called dimensional wood lumber, which has been cut to a standardized size. Wooden studs are so often met in the construction business due to the next reasons:

– It is about 30 percent cheaper than steel
– There are more specialists in working with wood
– You can alter wood-framed walls more easily
– The tools used to work with wood are more common than the ones used for steel and most framers have them (hammer, saw, nail gun, and so on)

The steel is more common in the realm of business, being used for office buildings, but it has been extended to home constructions. Steel ha a few advantages over wood:

– Steel is difficult to be damaged, it simply does not burn or split, crack or warp
– It doesn’t expand or contract due to moisture variations, it always keeps its form
– You have less waste, only 2 percent, as compared to lumber, that is 20 percent
– Steel is the most convenient construction material, offering a great strength at a low price

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages for each of the two construction materials; they are equally appropriate to home construction, but it all depends on you and the landscape surrounding the construction site – they all have to match.

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