Landscaping Additions That Enhance Curb Appeal

A smart home seller will look at all the aspects of outdoor curb appeal and will add some elements to improve the appearance, in order to get more resale value out of the home and it does not have to be expensive or time consuming.

The first thing a person should do when wanting to sell a home is to make sure the yard is clean, neat and tidy. A neat yard is the first thing a person will see when pulling up and before even seeing the yard, there is the curb. Pressure washing the brick, removing the mold from siding, shutters and gutters, remove unsightly items and sweeping and cleaning up the drive way will go a long way into making it appear more attractive and inviting. The curb should be well landscaped with attractive flowers, shrubs and plants, it will point the way to the home and increase its attractiveness.

Cleaning up the landscaping is an easy task, pruning trees and shrubbery is a good way to give the front of the house a clean and neat appearance. Use tress to create focal points and flowers to bring color into the landscaping, low plants and ground cover give everything a tied together look. If you would like you could even go a step further and purchase some neat edging to place along the front of the sidewalk and install some solar lighting to brighten up the home in the evening, this is a good idea as well.

If cleaning up the yard does not really revive the appearance of the home, it may be a good idea to consider replacing a few fixtures. Updating the home’s lighting fixtures is an inexpensive way of making it look nicer too. However, for those homeowners looking to make an even bigger adjustment, it might be a good idea to consider replacing the mailbox, or if the mailbox itself is fine, replacing the post may be considered. Adding a plastic mailbox post is a great way to bring beauty and functionality to the curbside appeal of a home and it will do wonders and make it look much better.

If everything you have done so far has only made a slight improvement, it may be time to consider reviving the paint job. Painting is an inexpensive option and will give a home a brand new fresh and lively look. If the siding is okay, or made from vinyl, one way of improving things is by painting just the trim work which can brighten things up considerably.

The front lawn is considered the “carpet” of your home and how it looks has a direct bearing on what a prospective buyer will think. A person can rake, edge, weed and water the lawn, but for dry or dead spots, it might be necessary to purchase some grass seed or turf builder to make it look better. If needed, another idea may be to fertilize, de-thatch or aerate the lawn to bring it to peak condition.

When you want to sell your home, creating visual appeal and interest is the key to achieving the best possible selling price. Punch up curb appeal and improve the overall look of the outside and clean up the inside and you will have created an appealing, inviting and cozy home which is sure to catch someone’s eye. Small things make big impressions and changing your mail box, mail box post, house numbers, front lights and adding some colorful landscaping can do big things and make your home more likely to sell more quickly and at the price you are asking.

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