3 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Architectural Fabric Is an Ideal Sustainable Building Material

Architectural fabric made from eco-friendly stainless steel is an ideal solution for modern building projects. Architects and interior designers are drawn to this design option for a number of reasons, including its versatility, functionality and aesthetic appeal. This type of architectural fabric can immediately infuse a space with a level of style and sophistication not found with more traditional design choices. Whether it is used for ceiling applications, window or wall treatments, or as an exterior facade detail, architectural fabric crafted from it can transform any construction project from ordinary to extraordinary.

There are a number of reasons why stainless steel architectural fabric is an ideal sustainable building material. Long considered the “green” standard among metal options, stainless steel offers the following advantages over other forms of metal:

1. Resists Corrosion. Stainless steel is a metal alloy that contains at least 10.5{935df326bf8786fd6731f48a04668d2c59cbc638da1dd11cbd372b56fcc68833} chromium. The presence of chromium is what gives it its ability to resist corrosion and allows it to retain its beauty and luster for many years. As a result, materials made from it are able to offer a long, useful life without being degraded by the elements or surrounding environment. This ability to resist corrosion means that design projects which incorporate architectural fabric made from stainless steel will need replaced less often. Of course, a longer working life means less discarded material.

2. High End-Of-Life (EOL) Recapture Rate. Not only is architectural fabric made from stainless steel extremely durable and long lasting, it is also easily melted down and recycled into other materials once its useful life is over. Again, this directly translates into less waste ending up in landfills, which is a clear hallmark of a sustainable and earth-friendly product.

3. Conserves Energy. Most stainless steel surfaces have a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value. This means they are able to reflect or divert the sun’s rays away from an area. This characteristic is very valuable in that it can be used to minimize the amount of energy required for air conditioning purposes. As an added bonus, the SRI for stainless steel products is inherent to the product itself and is not dependent on any type of special coating that would deteriorate over time or need reapplied. This translates into significant cost savings and minimal impact on the environment.

Clearly, architectural fabric containing stainless steel offers many environmental and cost-saving advantages. Fortunately, “green” construction and design materials such as this are now more in demand than ever. This is largely due to a heightened awareness among consumers of the impact their lifestyle choices have on the world around them. In turn, these consumers are now wielding their considerable buying clout to influence which materials are used in their homes and work spaces. Without question, this trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future as the ever-popular “green” movement continues to gather momentum. As a result, new applications for earth-friendly design options such as architectural fabric crafted from stainless steel are sure to evolve and emerge.

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