Quick And Easy Interior Design Tips

These days, it seems like everyone is dying to re-design their home. However, very few people actually go through the process of doing so. You might be one of these people, OR you might be wondering what’s stopping them. The truth is that few people feel like they really have enough money or time to decorate the way they want to. The result of this problem? Interior design plans usually end up falling to the wayside, and getting lost in the whirlwind of work and other obstructing obligations. Well guess what? Hardly anyone looks past these obstructions and realizes that decorating doesn’t have to be especially costly OR time-consuming. With easy do-it-yourself tips like these, you can transform your home into the personal space of your dreams, and spare yourself a whole lot of effort when it comes to your wallet or your busy schedule.

One of the easiest first steps to take in transforming a room is to paint. Painting doesn’t require the skillful eyes of a professional, and it can be extremely cheap. First, you should pick one or two colors that will compliment each other (and the other elements of the room). If you need a second opinion, you can always consult with a fashion-conscious friend. Once you have selected your colors, you can buy primer, paint buckets, brushes and rollers by yourself from a Home Depot or another hardware store. Then, make sure your carpets and hardwood floors are covered, and roll the paint on the walls by yourself. If you want to go even cheaper, and save a few bucks on buckets of paint, you can always pick one wall of a room to paint, and leave the other three walls blank. Painting one wall will add a lot of color and decoration to a room, and it will cost you hardly any money OR time.

Once you’ve painted your walls, it’s time to spruce up your room with furniture arrangement. Look in your local newspaper for garage sales, estate sales, antique shops or flea markets. Places like these are a surefire route to unique, antique, original pieces that will look fabulous in your re-designed spaces. It only takes one or two new pieces of furniture to completely transform the look of a room. And often, garage sales, estate sales and flea markets will have furniture for sale so cheap that they will be practically giving it away. They say other people’s junk can be your new treasures! If you are really trying to save money, try re-arranging the furniture that you already have. Sometimes, all it takes is a new arrangement to give the same old room a brand new feeling.

If you’re tired of looking at old hardwood floors, try sprucing up a room with a new carpet. You can often find beautiful oriental rugs that people have discarded at thrift shops like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Before you buy one, make sure the rug is clean and in good condition. Also, make sure to get a rubber mat to put under the carpet so it stays in place on your floor. A new carpet will add warmth and an element of comfort to your cold, hard floor, as well as color and a subtle, yet pleasant new aesthetic.

These are just a few of many simple interior design tips that don’t have to rob you of obscene amounts of time or money. In the modern world, the average human being is busier than ever before, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a comfortable, stylish home that you enjoy coming home to after a busy day.

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