The Best Mother’s Day Gift – A Porch Swing

I tried long and hard to find a wooden porch swing for my mother for Mother’s Day. We went to store after store. Finally I just came up with my own idea, and it even turned out better than buying one.

My dear mother wanted the porch swing as soon as possible and asked me to go look at stores with her. She would never know which model to purchase with all the styles available to select from these days. She was thinking about the covered kind but right after thinking about this, she realized it had not been really necessary because it was going to be placed under the patio.

The shop experienced revealed a few nice ones made of metal with heavy cushioning on them. I recall that we had one of these when we were younger and also the metal got all rusty. Apart from this, we couldn’t take off the actual cushioning and soon they got really dirty and damp. So forget about the steel types.

My mother noticed a pleasant one made of cedar wood which included cushion that you could remove and wash. She truly loved it; however when she noticed the price she stated, don’t worry, I’ll wait. We looked at the price tag, it was almost $1200 for the patio swing option. We understood she loved it a lot but she wasn’t prepared to pay that much.

We noted the design and as well I found out what I could buy with the money I had. That gave me with a good idea. We knew my mother really liked this swing option so I went home and pulled out a few patio swing programs from my woodworking plan. I discovered the very same design nearly instantly. I decided to construct her one and give her this one as a gift to her in regard to mother’s day approaching.

I got their mail list of necessary materials and went out to purchase the actual wood. I selected plank simply because it’s ideal for the patio swing option, it’s rot and water proof. I also got the necessary equipment and the total on my invoice was $176.00! I also bought the actual soft cushions individually for another $100.00. This was absolutely worth it. I was happy to build it for that cost.

I simply rounded up all my tools in my garage. It took me about 6 or 7 hours of slow work to assemble it all together, in my spare time of course.

On Mother’s Day I brought the swing over to her home while she was away with my other sisters, pretending I was going meet all of them later on. When they got to the house, she was very amazed when she saw the swing. At first my mom was angry because she thought we all bought it on her behalf. This really is way too much money for a present, she said. However all of them informed her that I made her swing myself and not to worry about it.

She had been very pleased and I was too because she could appreciate it all summer time long!

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