The Newest Trend in Interior Decorating – Wrought Iron Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

People have been making objects from iron since–well, since the Iron Age began way back around the year 1000 CE! Not only did our distant forbears make hunting weapons and other necessary items from iron, they often also made them to appear as appealing as possible.

The word “wrought” originally meant “to make by hand”, so wrought iron items are those made by working with iron. Perhaps because so many of the items made today are plastic, synthetic and made by machines, our longing for enduring objects is greater than ever. This is undoubtedly one reason why wrought iron is enjoying such a huge surge of popularity in home décor.

Wrought iron can be made into so many decorative products, it is truly amazing! Even utilitarian objects we don’t generally think about turning into integral parts of our home décor are now making real design statements in sleek wrought iron.

Here are a few of the plethora of decorative and utilitarian items available n the wrought iron marketplace today, and some suggestions for using them:

o At the entry to your home: Depending on their style, wrought iron welcome signs make a classical or country design statement. Wrought iron freestanding or wall hung flower boxes add a wonderful note as well.

o Just inside your door: Wrought iron racks are a great way to keep hats, umbrellas and other outdoor necessities close by where they’re needed while they make a nice display as well. Coat and hat rack designs range from classical fleur-de-lis to charming cats sitting on a fence with their tails forming the actual hooks.

o In your living room: Consider using wrought iron wall vases, also called wall pockets, to hold your live and dried floral arrangements. Fluted wall vases are especially in vogue right now. Next to your wall vases, consider hanging some large candle sconces, plain, ornate or intricately detailed as your décor demands. And don’t just hang them there, either–get some lovely candles and light them. Nothing can make a room simultaneously more romantic and stately than lightly candles!

o In your dining room or dining area: Use a wrought iron basket or bowl to display flowers in the center of your dining table and wrought iron candelabra to light the room during the evening meal.

o In your bedroom: Consider attaching a huge and intricate wrought iron frieze to your bedroom wall to serve as a stunning headboard. Other possibilities include a wrought iron quilt rack to display your grandmother’s quilts or a unique piece of Southwestern metal wall art.

o In your kitchen: Wrought iron products that increase the quality of the time you spend in your kitchen abound. Consider adding a wrought iron wine rack and a suspended pot holder, a wrought iron paper towel holder, perhaps with a small shelf above to display some decorative item. In the kitchen, your options are virtually only limited by your imagination.

o In the bath: A freestanding wrought iron bath tissue holder turns a necessary item into a design element, while a wrought iron wall mirror gives your bathroom a unique, graceful yet functional appeal.

o In the garden: A wrought iron topiary frame, sundial and armillary make a stunning statement as well as complementing your flowers and shrubs.

Wrought iron has evolved way past the 4-poster bed stage. Exceptional accessories and home decorator items are available for every room in your home. Many are unique and allow you to infuse your house with charm and personality.

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