Top Of The Line Furniture – What the Very Best Designers Say

The very popular three artists / furniture designers I have studied are all unique in their own, creative ways. Examining the life and spirit of anyone, you will find specific distinctions – especially in the life and work of artists. Nonetheless, we are all alike in our dissimilarities. Just as anyone else who loves his or her job is driven by the process of it (in this case, the process of discovery and design) the artist: any artist: will be unique in his or her similarities to other artists. Kendall LeCompte, Ivan McLean, and Jason Mclean are all creative furniture designers that use some of the same kinds of artistic processes. But between all artists, however diminutive, you will find that all are also somewhat dissimilar from any other.

“To each his own way” as they say, is the basis for a lot of creative minds coming up with a lot of signature material, money, and sometimes even fame. Kendall LeCompte, Ivan McLean, and Jason Mclean all tap into a certain creative source for their ideas and in due process, their furniture designs. Kendall LeComp says that he “evolved from a sponge” and he bases this idea on the details in his life. More specifically, the fact that he takes in, like a sponge, the details all around him everywhere he goes. I believe that this (what is to some a seemingly useless fact) is true of many artists, however, and is in fact what often triggers the creative process. Kendall LeComp says that his experiences in Crete and Istanbul were strikingly inspirational to him, and doubtlessly set his creativity in motion. They remained with him formlessly. That is, until he went to work, and the, sights, sounds, and shapes of his experiences ended up “reappearing as a series of chairs” he says.

Nonetheless, the furniture I am speaking of is not just the result of a designer with a photographic memory. The series of designer chairs he is speaking of are not the reflections of chairs he saw in the places he visited in 1999. Instead, what a furniture designer, as an artist, will do is attempt to recapture the essence of what was ‘soaked in’, so to speak at a time such as the trip to Crete and Istanbul of which Kendall LeComp spoke. If this is achieved, the artist’s vision becomes a success. Given the allure of much of the home décor that Kendall LeComp has created, and will continue to create, his sponge-like qualities (as he refers to them) have proven the success of his art. A new, high quality and distinctive look is much more than a copycat, it is a recapturing of an experience, a design to re-create the feeling – not necessarily the place.

It is unfortunate, but many people do not consider the amount of creative ability it requires to compose the perfect furniture design for your home. So when you are looking around for the perfect outdoor table, whether you know it or not, you may as well be searching for the perfect painting or garden sculpture. Your furniture design, accessories and overall motif can make just as much of an artistic expression.

Ivan Mclean was a country boy, not without experience in traveling, and self-taught in his sculpting and welding skills. He is a truly inspired individual, not afraid of hard work to achieve what his artistic goals. This hard work was probably an inherent sort of diligence combined with patience that comes with his particular background. He began making a living in metal work, developing more and more ideas and creative designs. He not only sold simple, practical items, but increasingly began to sell sculptures, expressive, artistic benches and other metal decorative accessories.

This particular line of high quality metal furniture, accessories and other merchandise is, in my opinion extremely classy and tasteful, while distinct – as art itself should be. Ivan, as naturally as any artist would, moved on later to another medium: marble sculpture. His preference for marble sculpture is still one of his greatest passions. Ivan McLean designed sculptures, candle holders, and his artistic abilities and stream of creations has made him the success he is today. His best selling item is the Menorah with figures, with which thousands upon thousands of people are familiar. Many designs have followed, Ivan continues his sculptures and has full creative command over the welding torch. Discipline and experience have made this so.

Ivan Mclean is said to be an individual who remains in motion. Comparatively to the unstopping way that a shark swims, he keeps moving for the purpose of moving. By definition an individual with an artistic nature is one that continues to push forward in his or her artistic endeavors. If you want to make a beautiful expression with the furniture, decorative accessories such as media holders, sculptures and more, the best artistic expressiveness (in whatever form) comes from the heart of the artist.

Always consider this artistic factor when you are purchasing items such as furniture, sculptures, outdoor lighting and more, for both home and garden décor, and both indoor and outdoor accessories. You can find amazing sculptures like Ivan McLean’s in many different gardens, alongside reflecting pools, on patios and in ponds. The customized look of true art is valuable: it something definitely not set into the same-old, same-old “copycat” sculptures, accessories or even furniture.

Jason McLean is another example of a great furniture designer who proves him self to be extremely expressive and artistic in his work. He is an artist, mechanic, lumberman, rancher, horseman, farmer, and is said to be quite mysterious in nature. Jason Mclean lives with ranch land and right outside his home, and his horses wander and graze among several giant sculptures made of steel. He is also skilled in the art of woodwork and has a redwood timber mill, preparing him for further designs and beautiful creations. His concern is similar to that of many people – that there is so much to do in too little time.

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