Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

Creating custom designed kitchens means that no two projects are exactly alike – each design has its own unique style and function. Because every design needs to be individually customized, a kitchen remodeler should approach each new project in the same manner – get to personally know each client and what their particular needs are.

The first step in any project should be to have a kitchen remodeler (from your company of choice) to become familiar with the project to be completed including location, goals, expectations, life style and budget. That information alone should help the remodeler determine the materials and fixtures you can select from.

A professional kitchen remodeler will pull all the pieces of your kitchen together to create a truly enjoyable and functional room. The remodeler will take care of all the infinite details such as measurements, material coordination and construction needs, leaving your mind free to dream. After all, you are paying for it right?

Due to experience, remodelers are very adept at solving problems. Let’s say that you have a significant amount of countertop appliances that are used often, but you would like to have more countertop space. A through and attentive designer should be able to design an aesthetically pleasing storage area for those items and still allow for easy accessibility.

A professional remodeler will not only help you do it right the first time, but will also see possibilities where you didn’t and make sure that the project goes smoothly.

To help make your first meeting with your remodeler a productive one, jot down the following items to discuss:

• What you like/dislike about your current kitchen. If you are meeting at the designer’s office, bring a rough sketch of your kitchen with you.

• Consider the style (country, traditional, modern ect) the rest of your house caters to and how your kitchen should fit into it.

• What layout do you want your kitchen have?

• Where would you prefer the location of the stove, refrigerator, sink and dishwasher to be?

• Do you want enough space to prepare multiple meals?

• Placement of commonly used condiments and cooking utensils.

• Placement of dishwasher and sink in comparison to cooking area and storage.

• Preference of a stove or a separate cooktop and oven?

• Would you prefer a prep sink and a cleanup sink (double sink)?

• Would you prefer an eat-in kitchen or an island?

• If you have color schemes you would like to incorporate, be sure to discuss those with the designer.

• Consider your current flooring and ceiling décor.

• Bring pictures from magazines of kitchens you like.

• What is your time frame in having the project completed?

• What is your budget?

After discussing the above statements the kitchen remodeler should have a pretty clear understanding of your expectations and what can be done with your current kitchen.

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