Wall Clocks: A Statement About Your Style, Taste and Interior Design Decor

Today a clock on the wall is not just a clock or timepiece. It is a statement representing your style, personality and taste. Your selection of a wall clock for the rooms in your home or office lets people know who you are. Whether you are traditional, contemporary or just want a specific theme in each room in your home, a wall clock shows off your sense of interior design and individuality. There are a great variety that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A clock for your kitchen depends on the style that you want to display. If you want a country look, you might choose a baker, bird, flower, animal and of course food as well as many other country motifs. Many homes that have this theme, choose a more simple clock that says “Home Sweet Home” to them. This room tends to be a more whimsical setting, with less majesty or structure than in other rooms of the house that may be more formal. Specific wall clocks for the kitchen usually reflect this. More ornamental and decorative clocks may be found in the kitchen as well. Singing bird clocks or other vocal animal clocks are often the choice for this room.

A wall clock for a child’s bedroom may take on a more animated and younger look. favorite cartoon characters, movie or other entertainment choices are common in this room. Learning and educational clocks are also available and have become more popular in recent years. Felix, the Cat, was in my room as a child and I marveled at the clock, watching the cat’s eyes moving back and forth with the swinging of the tail. A wall clock in a child’s room can capture the imagination and be a source of fulfilled curiosity and wonder in the room. It can provide a feeling of calm from the outside world or a feeling of happiness by having that special clock that is yours alone.

In the den, basement or home theater rooms, a wall clock can be especially enjoyable when a sports, movie or entertainment theme is present. Colorful sports team clocks, automobiles, movie stars may be found on the walls in these rooms. The wall clock helps to add to the flavor of the room and shows just what is possible. These clocks allow you to express your personality and comfort in your home.

Adult bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms are truly a direct reflection of our personality and design decor. There are so many wall clocks for these rooms that can tell the world about your style and taste. Whether you are traditional, contemporary or want an antique look, retro or modern, there is a wall clock that fits into your design scheme. Elegant pendulum clocks, cuckoo clocks, or antique-style clocks serve to grace your home and give it a unique splendor that is your own. It shows off the charisma and individuality you possess.

Yes, a wall clock is many things to different people. Whatever room your wall clock is located in, it is no longer just a functional timepiece in the room. In a hurry-up world it may not be the most important interior design decision that you make, but it is a design decision nonetheless. More than ever, however, it is also a fashion statement you are making about the personality and style of your home. You are telling people what is important to you by displaying your individuality and a special sense of yourself in the room. Just as important as a work of art, a special piece of furniture or a picture on the wall, your choice of a wall clock is a crucial decision in the development of your home decor.

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