Which Washing Machine is the Best Buy?

There are plenty of places to buy a washing machine, from discount stores to specialty appliance retailers, and every place in between. However, picking out a washer that meets your needs and budget is more complicated than just going to the right store.

Depending on how you wash, how many people are in your household, and what size load you run, your washer needs will vary. Add in the need to stick with a budget and it can all get pretty confusing. Here’s some information on how to decide what the best buy on a washing machine is for you.

There’s more to buying a good washer than just price. While the amount of money you have available for your appliance budget will affect what kind of machine you can buy, extremely cheap models will often frustrate you and cost a bundle in repairs.

Some things to look at when you’re trying to decide what the best buy on a washing machine might be include capacity, water usage, reputation, warranty availability, customer service and washer style. Features such as computerized control, extra rinse cycles, and special settings can be an extra bonus, but shouldn’t be the primary selling point on an otherwise lackluster washer.

If you wash a lot of clothes at once, you’ll want to purchase a washer with a large capacity. Machines can be found with tubs up to 3 cubic feet or more, for people who need to wash big loads.

However, if you’re living on your own, or don’t do your laundry all at once, a giant capacity is just a waste of water and power. Larger capacity washers often aren’t as economical or efficient as some of the smaller models, so buy the washing machine that fits your lifestyle.

If you’re concerned about environmental factors, like saving water, electricity, and detergent, you should pay attention to your washer style. Front loaders are known for being a lot more energy efficient than top loaders. They also generally spin out more water than conventional models, meaning that drying takes less time and is easier.

Why would anyone use a top loading machine, then? People are more accustomed to these conventionally styled machines, and they offer a bit more convenience. It all depends on your priorities.

Check out the reputation of a prospective washing machine and the company that makes it. By consulting consumer reviews and talking to people who already own that model, you can get a good idea of the longevity and reliability of a given washing machine.

Find out what kind of warranty protection you can expect, and how the customer service is. This could make the difference between and easy experience and a big hassle if your washer does break down.

Choosing the right washing machine for you isn’t hard, as long as you do your homework first. Consider shopping around for a while, and researching the models you like best before you buy. It could save you from making a big mistake, and help you get a washer that you don’t have to worry about.

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