WordPress – The Most Popular CMS!

WordPress has become the most famous content management system (CMS) worldwide since it was launched in 2003. More than 60 million websites have been designed using this CMS so far. Websites made from WordPress run through the cloud hosted services attracting 330 million visitors and more than 3.4 billion views every month. WordPress was designed by Automatic, an organization founded in 2005 by Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress VIP is the enterprise edition and is also a default digital publishing tool for top media organizations. A standard, easy to use multimedia platform for website developers. This CMS edition is probably the best while users and developers need to pay for additional services like backups, ads etc. The organization has been profiting since it started in 2005 with doubling up of sales every year. WordPress’s popularity has grown over other CMS giants like Joomla, Drupal in their usage. There are many more reasons where WordPress has gained maximum popularity by giving customers an interactive blogging experience through many creative tools, plugins and other add-on features. A free open source platform and dynamic CMS, WordPress is formally based on PHP and MySQL. It has features of plug-in architecture and a template system.

WordPress has become the most popular and common choice for designing websites and blogs. It can easily support multi-users and multi blogging as well. Users can avail thousands of plug-ins and a number of widgets to enhance the functionality and experience. WordPress is integrated with a large number of features like link management, search engine friendliness, clean permalink, along with support for tagging articles and posts. In a long term assessment, the Automattic is looking out for external partners to design their new applications and products in the near future. Through the organization, paid backups and security are limited factors that can popularize WordPress in a huge market segment for web applications and monetization of services. The WordPress CMS as a publishing tool for developers is still nascent, where it would require further efforts to make it world class and the most acceptable solution is to design it using a sustainable model. The Automattic’s workplace is splendid with 120 employees across twenty six countries. Individuals who work with WordPress are a part of 5-6 member teams and usually work from home or office.

At this moment, WordPress is a popular CMS it had also won the Hall of fame in 2010. This award was called the 2010 Open Source Content Management System Hall of Fame Award and was handed over by Packt Publishing (a publishing company from the U.K. that provides printing-on-demand), was bestowed upon WordPress instead of Joomla and Drupal.

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