Residential Real Estate Investment

Pivotal is a real estate investment group that prides itself with finding and developing luxury homes throughout the United States. Planned communities and high class neighborhoods are the incipient trend in residential real estate. Pivotal has already developed seven planned communities, and will continue investing in prime real estate. Pivotal uses its ability to find unique property types to offer potential buyers one of a kind homes in diverse communities. Each community targets a specific market niche in which Pivotal matches home type and style to fit each buyer’s needs. Pivotal’s twenty five years of experience allows them to research areas and present an exclusive model idea for each investment property they develop. Lavish communities such as Promontory are a result of masterful research and experience which results in a distinctive neighborhood that offers both world class golf and skiing. This kind of result is what Pivotal expects each time they invest in residential properties.

Investing in real estate alone is not enough to ensure successful communities. Pivotal takes investing a step further by managing the properties it develops. Pivotal ensures investors that have the best chance of getting the highest return on their investment. Pivotal is able to make certain this happens in their research phase of development. By researching the real estate market, Pivotal is able to target specific properties that will continue to grow. Cimarron Hills is a perfect example of Pivotal’s ability to research the real estate market. Cimarron Hills is located about twenty five miles north of Austin, Texas. This masterful community was built with the knowledge of the latest trends in Central Texas real estate. As more and more commercial businesses begin to move north and south from Austin, more potential Central Texas home buyers will look for homes outside of the city. Cimarron Hills offers potential buyers a getaway community in which members enjoy the amenities of a high class community without the traffic and high population of the inner city.

Understanding inner city real estate is important for any investment group. Pivotal understands that living in the city is about enjoying the city, and the luxury of being close to venues. Pivotal is in the process of developing Camelback Esplanade, a high rise condominium center which includes commercial offices, retail sites, and a stadium style theatre. This type of development is only achievable when the investment company can forecast living trends within a city. Phoenix offers the ideal situation for this type of investment because of the growing trend to live in downtown Phoenix. This kind of community will be highly luxurious and profitable for buyers. Expert knowledge in one type of real estate can be profitable, but a diverse knowledge of developing real estate opportunities allows Pivotal to adjust and target all investment opportunities.

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