An Outdoor Fireplace Can Make You Enjoy Outdoor Living During Chilly Days!

Having an outdoor fireplace is a great idea whether you put it in your deck, garden, pool and patio or wherever you choose it to be. Just imagine the different fun and entertainment activities you and your family, friends will enjoy. If you plan to be the one to handle the project yourself, it is necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the nitty-gritty details in its construction. There are various models of DIY fireplace kits which are very easy to assemble. They are designs which are equipped with necessary metal rings and materials to convert a wooden or charcoal fueled fireplace into a gas powered one.

There is an assortment of styles, shapes, materials and designs of an outdoor fireplace. There is the portable and movable fireplace or a permanent one with the chimney attached. You can opt for a chiminea which is an attractive style good for heating bonfire. It has accessories like stainless steel grills and doors if you want to do some cooking. Fuel used is charcoal or wood. They come in a variety of portable designs and sizes and shapes.

Fire pit table is another option. It is a rounded dish which handles the fire. There is a wide selection to choose from. You can have patio tables with fire pits in the center. You can use gas or wood as fuel. Another style of outdoor fireplace has gas log set to the fire pit. You can get vented logs to eliminate the need for a chimney. It is made of stainless steel design and includes a grate. Another unique model is a free standing ethanol or gel powered fireplace with a wide array of color, features and designs.

If you want a full-blown outdoor fireplace, you can choose a wood or gas operated model or an electric style with built-in speakers and a CD player with MP3 input. Or you can select a customized stand out model with sleek features to harmonize with your home and lifestyle. It is fueled by a hidden propane tank camouflaged as a side table. There is also a popular fire pit with a large 35 inch porcelain coated steel fire bowl and supported by a stable and fashionable stand. It can use up to four logs. It includes added lifting tools to keep the fire pit safe and easy to operate and clean. It is designed to provide steady heat and controlled fire. With so many styles and designs available, you have to know basic elements and technicalities about the subject to make an intelligent choice.

With regards the materials used to build fireplaces, there are various types. There is the cast iron or cast aluminum type. The beauty of a cast iron is it is quite sturdy and with proper maintenance, it will last a long time. This kind is much heavier than cast aluminum. To prevent it from rusting, hot paint is the answer. Cast aluminum is an excellent choice. It is light in weight and rust resistant. It can last for many years. Another type is the sheet metal fireplace. This is not a popular variety because of its lack of durability. It is also prone to rust.

There is still another option which is the copper fireplace. Although it looks good when it is new, the downside is it rusts very quickly. The last option is a clay or ceramic fireplace. This type is very affordable but is not expected to last long. When canvassing around for the best material, pick the one which is durable and lasts long.

Enjoying the outdoors can be maximized to the fullest even during chilly nights or days with the aid of a stable and beautiful exterior fire pit. You can add your own touch by putting brick, stone or stucco to create the kind of look you desire. Being able to enjoy outdoor living with warmth and coziness during fall, winter and spring should be worth the investment, time and effort you put in to your outdoor fireplace project.

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