Decorating Your Home With Sports Memorabilia

The potential for decorating your home with your favorite sports memorabilia are never-ending. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, your home décor can be accented by your sports collection as something you can proudly display and everyone can look at and enjoy on a daily basis – something you definitely want to share with your family and friends.

First, for displaying and protecting your sports memorabilia, be sure you have all the correct accessories and fixtures that match your current home decorating scheme. Many of these cases are very unique and decorative in themselves. Baseball bats, helmets, batting gloves, hockey pucks, footballs and basketball are all items that can all be proudly displayed in cases and enjoyed by everyone.

Autographed photographs or framed jerseys can also add to any sports home décor. They can be displayed in almost every room of the house. As with any wall art piece, you will want to hang the framed photos or jerseys where they can be fully viewed in appropriate lighting. You should consider hanging these photos over the fireplace, in the foyer or hallway, over a living room sofa and in your game room or child’s playroom.

In addition, sports-themed lamps and lighting accessories will add to and compliment any home décor. They can be placed strategically throughout your home to provide functional, illuminating, lighting while also allowing you to proudly display and show off your team spirit and loyalty.

Try decorating any room in your house in the colors and logos on your favorite college or Professional sports team or athlete. You can also try decorating a room based on a famous sporting field of play such as Yankee Stadium or a memorable event such as the Super Bowl, World Cup or World Series. You can begin with one special piece and then add on with other home accents and complimentary pieces later.

Decorating your home with sports memorabilia is endless and can bring out the sports fan in all of us – helping us think and work as a team and as champions.

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