Decorative Crosses For the Wall and Religious Beliefs

Crosses are the traditional symbol of Christianity and hold a very sacred place in the hearts of Christians around the world. In many ways, the cross signifies the depth and importance of Christianity and because of this, you can find a cross wherever you find Christians. Crosses are that important. Crosses are a very simple design and they were used in Roman times to punish criminals. Criminals would be tied or nailed to crosses until they died. It was a very brutal from of punishment and it’s the same punishment inflicted on Jesus Christ for his alleged transgressions. Because of the atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the cross became the symbol of Christianity. A cross was put up in many churches to remind people of the eternal sacrifice. Soon, the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on Calvary was symbolized for eternity in the image of the cross.

The cross is now an enigma. On one hand, it just as powerfully symbolizes the atonement of Jesus Christ. Any Christian looking at a cross can’t help but think of the sacrifice of the Lamb. The symbolism is powerfully etched in their minds and hearts. Nevertheless, the cross has also become a fashion symbol. Its simple design is easily understood, but the true meaning can sometimes be lost. Still others view the cross as a simple piece of art. It is art. Art, by definition, is work that is both symbolic and eternal.

The best place to find a cross is in a church. Some churches adopt for a very simplistic cross while other churches have crucifixes. You can also see crosses in the homes of many Christians. It’s their way of identifying a very important part of their life. For these Christians, a decorative wall cross is a very important artistic symbol to share with everyone.

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