Electric Train Models For the Budding Model Railroad Enthusiast

Getting into the world of electric train models can be an exhilarating experience for any hobbyist. These powered beauties can give you endless hours of excitement, and empower you with the knowledge and skill of creating tracks and operating model trains. You can spend hours together with an electric train model and still want more from this rewarding hobby. These model trains are available in different sizes that are measured by scale. G scale models are larger and more lifelike, and are built on the scale of 1:22. If you don’t have much space to contend with at home, you can choose a smaller scale such as the N scale or Z scale. These are better if you want to build a complex railway system or enhance the surrounding landscape.

Children will find nothing more thrilling than operating their very own electric train model. Being in control of the train and the entire track gives them a feeling of power and excitement. Older children will be able to handle a smaller scaled electric train model, while it is appropriate to let small children handle larger scaled models like the O gauge for safety reasons. Kids will also find it easier to handle larger scaled models. G scale, or the ‘garden’ variety train, as it is commonly referred to is ideal for children since they are the largest in the scale range and can be set up in an outdoor environment. Popular amongst experienced hobbyists are the HO and N scale model trains.

Electric train model manufacturers compete for a niche in the market today and come up with features that are enough to amaze even the most experienced hobbyist. These technological marvels are merely meant to enhance ones model railroad experience. You could join a club or association and meet other electric model train enthusiasts who share the same passion as you.

Earlier models used a simple variable transformer to lower the Alternating Current (AC) voltage and enable the user to control the speed by increasing or decreasing the power supplied to the track. Later on, remote control reversing switches were used. With the introduction of permanent magnetic motors with Direct Current (DC) a different standard was developed. Over the years, manufacturers have introduced various methods of remote control in order to manage the speed, direction and other features of electric train models. The latest Digital Command Control (DCC) involves the transmission of digital remote control signals to digital receivers and decoders in each of the components such as the locomotive, carriage, and accessories.

An electric train model is enough to make anyone turn model railroading into a full blown passion. There are many popular brands of model trains and accessories available today. Apart from a variety of locomotive types, there are passenger and freight trains to choose from. Most of them include train stations, landscapes, and other accessories that are a must for every budding enthusiast. Go ahead and discover the joys of becoming a model train hobbyist.

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