Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Rapid Development of Offshore Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX services are wholly focused on user roles and productivity gains through constant focus on tasks and duties that employees have to manage daily. Users have customized home pages for the ERP software which gives them instant access to their personal tasks and relevant schedule, past due invoices or customers over their credit limit. AX alerts users instantly to the exceptions which require immediate attention thus improving productivity in the long run. This helps solve issues before they get out of hand in an enterprise.

Dynamics AX was initially created by Erik and Preben Damgaard in 1983 and was termed as Axapta. In the 1990s, IBM teamed with Damgaard to bring Axapta to the US. But soon after, in 2000, Damgaard Software merged with Navision Software which was a competitor product created by Navision Financials. Damgaard Axapta got renamed to Navision Axapta while Navision Financials got renamed to Navision Attain.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta solutions are beneficial for thousands of enterprises today. Why? Today organizations operate in an increasingly complicated world – thousands of different products, plethora of business processes and customers ranging from mega-retailers to small chains, independent stores, service providers and exporters. These organizations have to identify rapidly evolving consumer trends and respond with continuous innovations against them. Meanwhile they also have to respond to growing concerns over sustainability, health and green environment, while meeting a demanding regulatory compliance.

Successful organizations are those with high customer insight and the ability to respond quickly to ongoing trends in the market. Such organizations depend on flexible and low cost operations that enable lean and seamless manufacturing and distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX improves your business in 4 critical areas: Customer, Consolidation, Compliance and Cost. It brings different people, processes, and information spread across the world and promotes collaboration and trade far and wide. In addition, many independent software companies offer newer enhancements for different domains and their specific applications.

Microsoft’s Dynamics product line is mostly sold through authorized/ certified partners who are very well trained and certified on the products that are there on offer. It is the partners’ duty to take the AX 2009 product and configure it as per clients’ business. Also, there are many third party solutions which act as add-ons to Dynamics AX. Some are small modules, while others provide significant specific-industry functionality.

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