Progressive Aluminium and Glass Products In Architectural Design

In the architectural profession technical knowledge and an understanding of energy-efficiency in buildings are as important as the design aspect. It is therefore not surprising to find that many architects and building professionals continually looking toward innovative products that they can utilise in their projects. One such product is aluminium fenestration systems for the window, door, shutter, balustrade, shower, insect screen, louver and fa├žade requirements of a building.

Companies specialising in progressive and forward-thinking aluminium products not only provide innovation with respect to product functionality but also manufacturability. Therefore rendering aluminium systems desirable for architects and designers to use due to the creativity and design freedom they offer. Only certain aluminium extrusion manufacturers these days offer a range of architectural aluminium systems with a modern look-and-feel which can be applied in all types of buildings, from the entry-level residential home to the mansions, malls, shopping complexes, right up to high-rise buildings such as hotels and airports.

A very important aspect in building design today is the engineering of energy-efficient buildings. One of the ways in achieving this is through the use of energy-efficient products such as thermally efficient window systems. Products with green characteristics which are manufactured from recycled aluminium, hence lowering the carbon footprint, are also sought after these days.

Increasing carbon emissions and a reduction in the ability of the natural environment to absorb carbon dioxide is leading to an accumulation of greenhouse gases in the upper atmosphere. These gases trap more heat in the upper atmosphere which is believed to be leading to global warming and a predicted increase in temperatures.

Due to the movement of improving the total building energy-efficiency footprint, an essential look at building processes has become essential. This has led to the introduction of thermally efficient glazed systems.

Smart glazing solutions take into account the angles of the sun in winter and summer, allowing more heat into the building in winter seasons and less in summer. In conjunction with other factors such as air infiltration, convection and low and high frequency radiation, it is possible to ensure maximum energy conservation throughout the year, taking into account seasonal changes. Apart from the obvious benefits that you can do to the environment through energy conservation, there is a financial benefit to specifying the correct thermal glazing solution for the building project.

Property owners require quality lasting aluminium and fenestration products in their buildings thereby all architectural aluminium products need to be compliant with legislation and installed fenestration products have to comply with regulations. Hence it is essential for architectural and building professionals to work with a reputable aluminium fabrication company, who not only offer quality product designs which are fully compliant but also offer other services such as product calculation applications.

Free software programs are made available to architects by certain aluminium extruders that facilitate in the design, budget, structural, safety glazing and energy-efficiency compliance calculation to design and specify products for a project. These programs allow for compliant design for a specific buildings’ energy-efficiency requirement for a specific geographical location.

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