Advantageous Features of a French Door Refrigerator

Modern refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes. Granted all refrigerators are rectangular or square in shape, but what we mean is that there is a refrigerator design that fit different tastes and preferences. While it is enough for some that their refrigerator offers great temperature management and ample storage, others are more particular with the style and appearance of the home appliance that they purchase.

French door refrigerators are not as ubiquitous as the more traditional refrigerator models. But the increasing public clamor for this type of appliance is giving manufacturers the impetus to produce more and offer the units at an affordable price.

What are French door refrigerators?

French door refrigerators are the one ones that have dual doors and swing open from the middle. The doors may be opened together or one at a time. These models have an elegant appearance that fits the minimalist and linear look of many modern kitchens.

The French door fridge is without doubt one of the “crowd favorites” mainly because of its trendy and stylish outer design, but also because the idea behind this refrigerator type is to combine the best qualities of the refrigerators that came before it into one reliable kitchen appliance. The dimensions and internal compartments of French door refrigerators vary depending on the band and manufacturer; however, they usually have a drawer-style freezer and narrow double doors to access the fridge. The freezer space is usually built-in at the bottom. The shelves on the fridge compartment of this modern home appliance are usually wider than in typical models, allowing for storage of bigger plates, bowls, platters, and casserole dishes.

High performance features

French door refrigerators that come with a higher price tag than others have features that justify the extra expense. What features set them apart from less pricey options? Here are a few examples.

There are many types of French door refrigerators in the market today, and the most top-rated models offer an amazing array of 21st century features, including adjustable shelves and bins to better accommodate tall beverages (wine bottle, gallon of milk, juices), over sized food, as well as odd-shaped items. The interior lighting in these models comes in the form of a LED panel, which promotes energy conservation. High-end units are also better calibrated such that steady temperature are maintained, giving the unit better capabilities to keep food in good condition for longer periods. The freezer storage space is much bigger than in regular refrigerators, allowing more food items to be stored for longer periods.

Special features are also added into the design. Some models also feature a deli drawer, which offers settings that are optimal for storing fresh produce. There are models that signal when the doors are kept slightly ajar. By sounding an audible alarm, users of the fridge are alerted so that they can close the doors more securely. Some top-end refrigerators with dual doors also have special mechanisms fitted onto the freezer door for easier access. Many French door refrigerator freezers also have a removable divider that gives the unit added flexibility.

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