Custom Lamp Shades Make it Personal

Custom lamp shades are the most effective means by which you can illuminate your home. The lighting that you use in your homes plays a very important role in both how your home looks and how it feels. Personalized home lighting will improve it in both areas.

Lighting is an integral part of your home decoration. Get this right and it can really enhance the beauty of your homes.

I thing we all realize that a beautiful lamp shade will add to the beauty of any room. Custom lamp shades take it one step farther. They are unique and will be a direct reflection on your sense of style and beauty.

What makes them better is the fact that you or a professional you trust does the designing to your specifications. They will be a perfect fit with however you choose to decorate a room. As such, they will bring the whole room together and may even be the focal point.

Custom lamp shades can fit in with any kind of decor. They are available in many styles. You can get everything from mini lamp shades to the ultra fun Giclee art shades.

Custom designs are painted on the shades. That means you can choose a shade that suits your taste and that goes well with the background of your house.

A special type of custom shade, called the Stacy Garcia Fancy Fern Coral Giclee Shade, is extremely popular among who have a fascination for unusual designs in shades. But no matter what you choose, a custom shade will add oodles of style to your room.

You can give instructions and have the shades made exactly to your liking. There are many companies dealing in custom lamp shades give you this option. Essentially, you get to select the painting you want on the style of shade you want.

But you can choose more than just the style and design of your shade. You can order to specific dimensions. That means you don’t have to worry if the shade will fit in the location of your choosing. It’s much easier to have one made that will fit perfectly in the space you have available.

Vintage styles of custom lamp shades are very popular today. These lamp depict the culture of the days gone by with designs like rural landscapes. They are an off beat piece of art in modern surroundings and attract everyone’s attention. They provoke our imagination and take us to a place where we can all find a break.

The power of the bulb that we choose for our lamp also plays a very important role. Select a power that shows off the shade and provides the light you need. To much light is overbearing while too little will make it hard to see and also fail to attract the attention your shade deserves.

Pick the right fabric, design and colors and watch how custom lamp shade can really light up a room.

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