Home Decor: How to Create a Classy Look With Vintage Art and Furniture

Refurbishing a home calls for innovative ideas to repaint, furnish and deck up the interiors. Wide arrays of texture paint antique designs are available that can give a beautiful vintage bend to the walls. From golden wall paints that has a cracked finish to brown aged crackle paints; colour glazing them offers a superior effect to accentuate the age textured finish. One can team up classic paintings or large traditional mirrors with these walls to obtain an archetypal look. Furthermore, the room can also be filled with vintage furniture to bring out a wholesome past era like look.

Budget decoration just got better with the advent of vintage interior decors! Such expenses can be considerably cut down by sticking to a financial plan. Making use of existing objects like old furniture saves money, time and all the precious energy spent on long and confusing brochures of home furnishings. Apart from textured paints, some great ideas to smarten up a home’s interior have been described below:

Reusing old wood and wooden furniture:

  • Instead of throwing away wooden planks that have been in the store for a long time, they can be cut into small blocks to make a lovely wood palette ceiling. Right in the centre of this ceiling, a lovely classic chandelier can be installed to illuminate the room characteristically.
  • A repainted old dresser in a fresh coat of white can be set up as a brand new wine cabinet!
  • Wooden suitcases can be put up on the toilet walls as towel and tissue holders.
  • Open wood shelves and cupboards are easy DIY furniture that are affordable and also adorn a vintage kitchen. One can display all the mismatching cutlery, kettles, bowls and vases in such a shelf. It looks classy and is a boon to collectors who have a lot of vintage cutlery in stock that no longer needs to be hidden away.
  • A dining room can be added with so much of the character by installing reupholstered chairs in shades of purple, red and dark olive. These types of dining sets are easily available in antique fairs that offer better deals than regular furniture showrooms.

Using stuff that home owners normally throw away:

A battered spring mattress can be dismantled and all the springs can be used to hold tiny flower pots. An old basket can be hung vertically to hold towels. An old crib can be used as a brand new bench! Upside down tunnels can be made into romantic candle stands. Fixing an old blackboard on a study room wall gives the room a typical study room like look. Framing up all the old photos and hanging them up unevenly on a single living room wall saves the photos from rotting away and also grabs a guest’s attention. Old records can serve as trendy trays.

Throwing in a lot of colourful cushions, rugs, bright paintings, and proper illumination brings out warmth in a room with an antique set up. Most home owners let their imagination run amuck while decorating the house thereby spending a lot on new furniture, facade light fittings and what not! Fresh flowers and aquariums also add a lively touch. Budget decoration is not rocket science and one who does it with heart and soul, is deemed to obtain results as good as any costly contemporary set up.

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